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US rebuts Apple claim on password reset in iPhone case

Posted 3/11/2016 in Business



Business brief: Hollis Roofing honored

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business



Business brief: Hines promoted

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business



Business brief: Higgins honored

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business



Building permits 3-10-16

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business



Lockheed Martin seeks to lay off up to 1,000 workers

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business

Lockheed Martin Corp. says its aeronautics division is seeking to part with up to 1,000 workers as it works to stay competitive and keep its staff aligned with orders.



Millennials are finally arriving in the car market

Posted 3/10/2016 in Business

Millennials were once a source of panic in the auto industry. Dubbed the "go nowhere" generation, they weren't getting driver's licenses, never mind buying cars. Headlines declared it was "The End of Car Culture."



Pre-paid card users, under scrutiny, find tax refunds frozen

Posted 3/9/2016 in Business

Thousands of people have had their prepaid debit cards frozen when they try to direct their tax refund to their accounts, a result of financial industry efforts to combat an escalation in tax fraud.


Browning on Business: '50s-style diner, new Burger King coming

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business

Columbus is getting a 1950s-style diner. The plan is for Parkside Diner to open later this month or in early April, according to Danny Cameron, the owner.


Small Miss. lenders aided by bill rewriting state law

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business

Some Mississippi lenders could have been put out of business under federal rules expected in coming months, but lawmakers are reconfiguring the state's laws to allow small loan companies, payday lenders and title pawn lenders to continue business.



Even as gas prices rise, drivers will save money

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business

Gasoline prices have started their annual springtime migration higher, but motorists should still save money at the pump in 2016.



Business brief: Carl Hogan Automotive donates

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business



Building permits 3-3-16

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business



Apple, FBI stake out conflicting positions before Congress

Posted 3/2/2016 in Business

The U.S. government calls it a "vicious guard dog" that hurts national security. Apple says it's critical to protecting consumer privacy against increasingly sophisticated hackers.



CEO Tim Cook defends Apple's resistance in FBI iPhone case

Posted 2/27/2016 in Business

Apple CEO Tim Cook got a standing ovation Friday at his first stockholder meeting since his company's epic clash with the FBI unfolded.



UCLA: Movies make more money when half the cast is white

Posted 2/26/2016 in Business

Movies make more money when exactly half their casts are non-white, according to an annual analysis released Thursday that shows an increasing demand for diversity in film.



From Western Union to Apple: When tech battled government

Posted 2/26/2016 in Business

The fight between Apple and the FBI over access to a San Bernardino killer's iPhone isn't the first time industry and government have tangled over privacy and security.



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