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A unique season of life: In a time of pandemic, churches adapt to feed the flock

Posted 3/28/2020 in Community

Two weeks ago, a prevailing quandary for the Rev. Randy Sellers was whether or not to use the traditional one communion cup for all worshipers during the Holy Eucharist, or Lord's Supper, at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in West Point. Given the heightening awareness of COVID-19, it had become an issue of discussion among the larger church. Now, those almost seem like simpler times.

Local voices: Unconventional times call for unconventional learning

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

I read a criticism a few years ago about the ways we tend to separate children into very strict categories and classes based exclusively on their ages. Yes, of course there are developmental trends for every age, but imagine if you were assigned your job or your Sunday school class based only on your age.


MUW Campus Recreation offers 'Owls in the Nest' to stay active

Posted 3/28/2020 in Community

Campus Recreation at Mississippi University for Women has a plan to help people create a new exercise routine.



MSU waiving GMAT/GRE requirements for summer and fall graduate school applicants

Posted 3/28/2020 in Community

Due to testing limitations related to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Mississippi State is temporarily waiving GMAT and GRE testing requirements for students applying to the university's graduate programs.


Southern Gardening: Gardening offers many stay-at-home benefits

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

With much of our workforce telecommuting from home and with school suspended or canceled for the kids, cabin fever has already become an issue for many households.

In the garden with Felder: Getting the 'chili' right

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

Gardening and home cooking have a lot in common, creating sustenance and comfort by combining basic ingredients using simple techniques.

Long days in the house? Local chefs tip favorite recipes

Posted 3/25/2020 in Food

If you're remotely like me, you may have a touch of cabin fever. Funny, when I could go anywhere, I just wanted to be home. Now that I'm supposed to stay put, I'm beginning to obsess about places I suddenly have a hankering to go. And we will be moving around again. But for now, we're limiting social congregation for the good of everyone. In response, the places where we did much of it -- restaurants -- have had to be quick studies.

Butter Together: Knead a loaf if you need a loaf

Posted 3/25/2020 in Food

There is only one type of bread our child with allergies can safely eat, so when COVID panic began setting in and grocery store shelves began to empty, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I'd need to begin making our own bread for daily use.

Now's the time to teach at-home nutrition

Posted 3/25/2020 in Food

With a lot of parents facing the challenge of keeping housebound kids happy and healthy, this is the perfect time to teach kids the basics of nutrition and eating right.

It's a 'snap': One Lowndes County couple opts for something a little different

Posted 3/21/2020 in Community

As the sun lowered Wednesday in western Lowndes County, Mavis Unruh stood back and marveled at the sight of something she's been thinking about for 20 years -- her family's new home going up.

Store's out? Some turn to DIY hand sanitizer

Posted 3/21/2020 in Community

Anyone on the hunt for commercial hand sanitizer in recent days has no doubt encountered empty-shelf syndrome. An increasing number of do-it-yourselfers are making sanitizer at home to hold them over.

Local voices: The teachers will appear

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." That's a Buddhist proverb I've heard before and like. It's been true many times for me: when I am ready to understand something, a loved one or stranger will know just the right thing to say or do.

Market Street Festival moves to September interest of public health

Posted 3/21/2020 in Community

Following the guidance of the National Centers for Disease Control for mass gatherings and large community events, and in the interest of the well-being of all, Market Street Festival organizers have made the decision to postpone the 25th annual event to Sept. 11-12.

In the garden with Felder: Strategies for getting through

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

My little garden is helping me cope with being cooped up away from work and social interactions during these contagious times.


MSU students gain free eTextbook access in midst of COVID-19 outbreak

Posted 3/21/2020 in Community

Free access to online eTextbooks is available to Mississippi State students through the remainder of the spring semester.



At home? Accessing culture is still possible

Posted 3/21/2020 in Entertainment

Who doesn't love that wanderlust feeling for adventure? But right now we need to stay at home.


Southern Gardening: Time spent gardening yields beauty, benefits

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

We are certainly experiencing troubling and scary times right now. "Quarantine," "pandemic" and "social distancing" have become frequently used words, at least until we get a handle on COVID-19.

The prepared pantry

Posted 3/18/2020 in Food

We have all had a lot thrown at us in the past week or so. Each family is making temporary adjustments. Some are now working from home for a while; others unexpectedly have the kids home from school. For all of us who anticipate being "at the house" more than usual, that means having extra food on hand.


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