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Possumhaw: One transition to the next

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

As fast as the winter ice storm arrived it left. On a hilly gravel road out here in the Prairie there had been little or no traffic for a week.

Wyatt Emmerich: Positive news for Mississippi commodities

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

At 1.13 billion, timber is the third biggest agricultural crop in Mississippi, behind poultry/eggs at $2.16 billion and soybeans at $1.21 billion.


James Finck: Congressional freedom of speech

Posted yesterday in National Columns

As the U.S. House of Representatives voted recently to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of all her committee assignments, I was reminded of two sections of the Constitution.


Partial to Home: Remembering the Beatles

Posted 2/27/2021 in Local Columns

The other day I was reminiscing with Newell Robinson, a friend from childhood. We hadn't talked in decades. Newell, whose father, Dr. Jo Robinson, was a pediatrician here for many years, is a heart surgeon practicing in New York.


Voice of the people: David M. Chism



Jabe Nicholson: Win some by being winsome

Posted 2/27/2021 in Local Columns

Recently I've been bombarded with questions from people who are deeply concerned about raising their children in a nation increasingly hostile to Christianity and its values.


Ask Rufus: The tragic past of Black Creek

Posted 2/27/2021 in Local Columns

A headline in the April 27, 1839, Columbus Democrat read, "Daring and Atrocious Murder." The news account began, "One of the most daring and outrageous acts of villainy in the annals of crime was perpetuated a few miles from our town."


Voice of the people: Bill Gillmore



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