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Possumhaw: Why I'm giving up plastic straws

Posted earlier today in Local Columns

My good friend, we'll call him Richard, caught up with me at church. "Girl," he said, "did you see this issue of National Geographic? It's about all that plastic ending up in the ocean."


Voice of the people: Anne Hierholzer Lang



Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.



Charlie Mitchell: Much more than a cake at stake in court ruling

Posted earlier today in Local Columns

Some protesting the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission contend the 7-2 decision proved the justices hate gays.


Patrick Buchanan: Trump's historic gamble

Posted 6/16/2018 in National Columns

President Donald Trump appears to belong to what might be called the Benjamin Disraeli school of diplomacy. The British prime minister once counseled, "Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel."


Steve Chapman: How Republicans went soft on communism

Posted 6/16/2018 in National Columns

If you had told Ronald Reagan in 1988 that in 30 years, the president of the United States would be chummy with communist dictators in China and North Korea, eager to please a brutal Kremlin autocrat, and indifferent to the needs of our military allies, he might have said: That's what you get for electing a Democrat.


Leonard Pitts: What if God were one of us?

Posted 6/16/2018 in National Columns

What if God were one of us? Singer Joan Osborne famously asked that question in 1995. In her Grammy-nominated hit, "One Of Us," she envisions the author of all creation as "a slob like one of us, just a stranger on a bus trying to make his way home."

Partial to Home: A turtle swimming across the river

Posted 6/16/2018 in Local Columns

Turtle has just one plan at a time, and every cell buys into it. -- Ted Kooser, poet It's not often you see a box turtle swimming across a river. At first glance, it appeared to be a snake engorged with prey it had just swallowed. When I pulled close and realized what it was, I turned the boat to watch.


Other editors: Tariffs and the tax cut

Posted 6/16/2018 in National Columns

More than a few conservative intellectuals have warmed to Donald Trump's trade protectionism because it supposedly helps blue-collar Americans. But what if his tariffs do the opposite?


Ask Rufus: Could this weekend be Columbus' 200th birthday?

Posted 6/16/2018 in Local Columns

Although Columbus was not officially recognized as the "Town of Columbus" until a December 6, 1819, act of the Alabama legislature, its founding may have been 200 years ago this weekend.


Our View: Academic summer camps can reinforce, enhance learning

Posted 6/15/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

We are all familiar with the phrase "use it or lose it."



Mona Charen: Historic snooker

Posted 6/15/2018 in National Columns

The headline writers adore the word "historic."


Slimantics: It ain't easy bein' Blue

Posted 6/14/2018 in Local Columns

There is one immutable truth for Democrats in Mississippi: Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, comes easy.


Froma Harrop: Trump will sink the economy, too

Posted 6/14/2018 in National Columns

That was quite a show Donald Trump put on in Canada.



Our View: Splash pads offer summer fun, but we still mourn the lack of public pools

Posted 6/13/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

By this time next year, Caledonia might have its own splash pad, continuing a trend that has seen cities and towns move away from operating public pools to this less costly but wildly popular alternative.



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