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Walgreens, Rite Aid combo to spread drugstore health kick

Posted 10/29/2015 in Business

Walgreens will use its $9.41 billion takeover of rival Rite Aid to spread its philosophy on making drugstores destinations for customers looking to stay healthy or buy beauty products.



Strategies to maximize your Social Security benefits

Posted 10/29/2015 in Business

If you're one of the 59 million Americans collecting Social Security, the government's announcement earlier this month that you won't be getting a cost-of-living raise next year must have been a disappointment.



Business brief: Golden Triangle Development LINK honored

Posted 10/29/2015 in Business



Business brief: Rackley honored

Posted 10/29/2015 in Business



Building permits 10-29-15

Posted 10/29/2015 in Business



GM recalling 1.4M cars; oil leaks can cause engine fires

Posted 10/28/2015 in Business

General Motors issued its third recall in seven years for cars that can leak oil and catch fire, in some instances damaging garages and homes.



Diesel scandal keeps Volkswagen's US sales forecast flat

Posted 10/23/2015 in Business

After some summer gains, Volkswagen's U.S. sales seem to have stalled amid revelations it cheated on emissions tests.



US reports 8 deaths, 98 injuries from exploding air bags

Posted 10/23/2015 in Business

People whose cars have been recalled to fix air bag inflators made by Takata Corp. should get the repairs done as soon as possible or face the risk of death or injury, U.S. safety regulators said Thursday.


Browning on Business: Cook Out to open in Golden Triangle

Posted 10/22/2015 in Business

The first Cook Out to open in Mississippi will be in the Golden Triangle.


Building permits 10-22-15

Posted 10/22/2015 in Business



West Virginia ex-coal CEO shows views on trial

Posted 10/22/2015 in Business

An outspoken critic of President Barack Obama, charged with conspiring to violate mine safety rules before a deadly explosion, is under orders not to tell jurors he's being persecuted by Democrats.



Lexus is top brand in Consumer Reports' reliability survey

Posted 10/21/2015 in Business

Elaborate new transmissions are helping automakers meet rising fuel economy standards, but they're also requiring more trips to the repair shop.



Lawsuits could force VW to buy back cheating diesels

Posted 10/20/2015 in Business

Volkswagen almost inevitably will have to compensate owners of diesel cars equipped with emissions-rigging software.


New technology in credit cards leads to headaches for some

Posted 10/16/2015 in Business

Millions of Americans are getting new credit and debit cards with more secure chip technology, and that's already leading to headaches for companies that rely on working cards to charge their customers every month.

Browning on Business: Golden Triangle gaining 2 restaurants

Posted 10/15/2015 in Business

The Donut Shop in Columbus is closed.


Wal-Mart stock plunges after profit warning

Posted 10/15/2015 in Business

Wal-Mart stock had its biggest one-day drop in nearly three decades after the world's largest retailer said it's bracing for its profit to take a hit as it works to fend off competition.



More VW trouble: 2016 diesels have new suspect software

Posted 10/15/2015 in Business

U.S. regulators say they have a lot more questions for Volkswagen, triggered by the company's recent disclosure of additional suspect software in 2016 diesel models that potentially would help exhaust systems run cleaner during government tests.



Building permits 10-15-15

Posted 10/15/2015 in Business



VW may compensate owners of diesel cars for loss of value

Posted 10/9/2015 in Business

Volkswagen could compensate owners of diesel-powered cars that emit high levels of pollutants, possibly by paying them for the lost value of their vehicles, the company's top U.S. executive said Thursday.



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