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Wal-Mart to give raises to most of its workers

Posted 1/21/2016 in Business

Wal-Mart is giving raises to the vast majority of its U.S. employees as part of the world's largest retailer's previously announced investment in its workforce.



Building permits 1-21-16

Posted 1/21/2016 in Business



Wal-Mart to shutter 269 stores, 154 of them in the US

Posted 1/16/2016 in Business

Wal-Mart is doing some rare pruning.



Limousine involved in fire that killed 5 nurses recalled

Posted 1/15/2016 in Business

A specialty car manufacturer is recalling the limousine model involved in a 2013 fire that killed five nurses on a San Francisco Bay Area bridge.


Browning on Business: Starkville brewery set to open soon

Posted 1/14/2016 in Business

The Golden Triangle is getting its first brewery.


Building permits 1-14-16

Posted 1/14/2016 in Business



Ruling: Chinese drywall company held back info

Posted 1/14/2016 in Business

A federal judge has fined a Chinese drywall company $40,000 plus legal costs for holding back critical information about the whereabouts of a former official and his computers.



Oil keeps falling. And falling. How low can it go?

Posted 1/13/2016 in Business

The price of oil keeps falling. And falling. And falling. It has to stop somewhere, right?


Browning on Business: Pillows Adorned opens in Starkville

Posted 1/7/2016 in Business

A unique shop has opened in Starkville. It's called Pillows Adorned.

Business brief: Whittle promoted

Posted 1/7/2016 in Business

BankFirst Financial Services, headquartered in Columbus, announces the promotion of Douglas S. Whittle to Community President beginning Jan. 1, 2016.


Building permits 1-7-16

Posted 1/7/2016 in Business



Apple stock slumps amid iPhone sales worries

Posted 1/7/2016 in Business

Apple fans keep buying iPhones, but Wall Street keeps worrying the company won't be able to match last year's blistering sales pace.



Airlines prep for holiday crush: More flights, bigger planes

Posted 12/24/2015 in Business

Airlines are shifting the timing of thousands of flights, even adding dozens of redeyes, as they try to avoid delays while hauling millions of passengers from now through the Christmas weekend.



Blanched onions: Chipotle tweaks cooking after E. coli scare

Posted 12/24/2015 in Business

After an E. coli outbreak that sickened more than 50 people, Chipotle is tweaking its cooking methods.


Shipping mania: Rushing to deliver millions of holiday gifts

Posted 12/22/2015 in Business

The humming is constant; a low-pitched drone from 155 miles of conveyor belts racing packages in every direction. Boxes shift from one belt to another and bump into a metal wall. Thud. Thud. Thud. In the background, trucks beep and jet engines roar.

Women out-earning men in corporate finance

Posted 12/18/2015 in Business

Women may be badly outnumbered in the top ranks of corporate America, but at least they aren't underpaid.

Browning on Business: Golden Triangle ice cream notes

Posted 12/17/2015 in Business

Some ice cream and yogurt news this week.


US-Cuba flight deal would jumpstart lagging business ties

Posted 12/17/2015 in Business

The United States and Cuba are on the verge of a deal to restore regular airline flights, jumpstarting economic relations that have languished despite a year of rapid progress on the diplomatic front, Cuba's top negotiator said on the eve of the anniversary of detente between the Cold War foes.



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