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Voice of the people: Harriet Vaughn



Voice of the people: Karen Overstreet



Voice of the people: William Ford



Voice of the People: James Trimm



Voice of the People: Cameron Triplett



Voice of the People: Barbara Bigelow



Voice of the People: Delores Belhumeur



Voice of the People: Berry Hinds



Voice of the People: Jiben Roy



Voice of the people: Deloris Belhumeur

Victim of uncovered drain on Main Street On a Sunday morning, July 21, I drove to a St. Vincent de Paul meeting at the Annunciation Activities Center, and as I approached my turn at Main Street and Ninth Street South, I noted that a rather large vehicle approaching me was signaling to turn to their left as I was to turn right.



Voice of the People: Diane Brandt



Voice of the People: Selvain McQueen



Voice of the People: Bob Raymond



Voice of the People: Brandon Presley



Voice of the People: Billy Harris



Voice of the people: Leslie Hutchins



Voice of the People: John Imes



Harriett Vaughn: Impatient for start of bus service

The delays by the city in opening its bus service is a disgrace. Why does the Historic Commission even have any say in this matter? This is a much-needed service in this area, not to mention that it will provide some much-needed jobs.



Jo Shumake: In defense of Councilman Mickens

In the "Roses and Thorns" column of the Aug. 18 Dispatch, Councilman Joseph Mickens was taken to task for missing the Aug. 15 public hearing on the proposed closing of six city railroad crossings and for being "not particularly concerned with his constituents' views on matters that affect the city."



Voice of the People: Pam Bullock



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