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Anne's Kitchen: Try your hand with this mushroom treasure

Posted 6/17/2015 in Food

Every year that I have been involved in Columbus' farmers' market I have seen it grow both in numbers of vendors and customers, but also in produce diversity.


Bland egg white omelets? Spice things up for a breakfast Dad will savor

Posted 6/10/2015 in Food

Starting the day with a big boost of protein is an excellent strategy for fueling up. It's no wonder that egg whites are so popular.

Man enough to get into the kitchen? These books aim to help

Posted 6/10/2015 in Food

Unmanly men need not apply. Or maybe I'm just being overly sensitive.

Lobster craving? Get that lobster roll fix by swapping for shrimp

Posted 6/10/2015 in Food

My dad, a native New Englander, is a huge fan of lobster rolls, those heavily-buttered hot dog buns stuffed with chunks of mayonnaise-rich lobster and maybe a little celery for crunch.

Jazz up your grilled chicken routine with Greek yogurt sauce

Posted 6/10/2015 in Food

It's pretty unlikely that we'll ever get bored with burgers on the grill. But chicken? Yeah ...


Anne's Kitchen: Of recipes and beets

Posted 6/3/2015 in Food

I had an interesting conversation at last Saturday's farmers' market that I think is worth sharing.


Prairie Women luncheon ... a neighborly thing to do

Posted 6/3/2015 in Food

There was a time when most of us really knew our neighbors -- could call them by name, ask about their children, share a little something from the garden or kitchen, or count on them in an emergency.

Summer's here: Time to break down the great American burger

Posted 5/27/2015 in Food

As food goes, it's hard to imagine anything more American -- and that more perfectly captures summer -- than a great grilled hamburger.

Crank your lemonade cred with 5 easy sweet-tart infusions

Posted 5/27/2015 in Food

We're going to come at this one a little backward, and you're going to love us for it.

Show your colors: Catch their eye with patriotic biscuits and more festive ideas

Posted 5/20/2015 in Food

As our nation's two most patriotic observances approach -- Memorial Day and Fourth of July -- cooks and hosts out there will turn their thoughts to the feasting that accompanies them.


Anne's Kitchen: Those spring greens

Posted 5/20/2015 in Food

Summer's bounty of produce isn't here yet, and yes, the rain slowed the spring season once again -- but over the past few weeks I have had spring's bounty with tender greens and strawberries.


Feeling peckish for pesto? Don't limit yourself to basil

Posted 5/20/2015 in Food

Fresh herbs are one of nature's best low-cal flavor sources.

A grill-friendly take on stuffed hasselback sweet potatoes

Posted 5/20/2015 in Food

To be honest, it's hard not to get inspired by hasselback potatoes, those deliciously crisp and creamy potatoes that are thinly sliced so they fan out accordion-style during roasting.

Project CHEW chef: Understand food... and get closer to the dirt

Posted 5/13/2015 in Food

Chef Chris Ellis has taken on a Herculean task: changing a way of thinking.

Getting to the core of the matter: Eat your pineapple cores!

Posted 5/13/2015 in Food

Eating fresh pineapple always reminds me of balmy vacation nights in Hawaii.

Bread of Life: Food pantry helps fill need, builds connections

Posted 5/6/2015 in Food

A chill drizzle fell from the skies on a recent Thursday morning in Columbus. In spite of it, a line of people filled the walkway outside the Bread of Life Food Pantry, patiently waiting for the doors to open.


Anne's Kitchen: Buen apetito, mis amigos

Posted 5/6/2015 in Food

Cinco de Mayo is such an odd party day in the U.S. At least it is to me.


If your mom fancies something fancy, consider a tea party

Posted 5/6/2015 in Food

Some moms want a spa day. Some moms crave chocolate. And some moms just want a little fancy pampering.


Froma Harrop: Let the states make drug law

Posted 5/5/2015 in Food

Howard Wooldridge, a Washington lobbyist, is a former detective and forever Texan on an important mission -- trying to persuade the 535 members of Congress to end the federal war on marijuana.


A spring tradition: St. Paul's Church readies for May Luncheon

Posted 4/29/2015 in Food

April showers bring more than May flowers -- they also bring the annual May Luncheon and Bake Sale at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


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