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A healthy roast bird to help welcome spring

Posted 3/26/2014 in Food

Our spring feasts -- often centered around Passover and Easter -- typically call for a center-of-the-plate star like brisket or lamb. Of course they're delicious, but both can seriously ramp up the fat and calories in a meal that tends to put the groan into groaning board even before the main course is served.

Call of the Wild: Inaugural wildlife tasting could be the start of something big

Posted 3/19/2014 in Food

Nobody had to be asked twice to line up for the buffet at Trotter Convention Center March 11. Tables laden with food and a room filled with tantalizing aromas did the job. The first annual Lowndes County Wildlife Tasting Supper was a solid success.

Slimming down a calorie bomb -- buffalo chicken

Posted 3/19/2014 in Food

Invented in Buffalo, N.Y., during the '60s, buffalo chicken wings have become a national favorite. Big surprise! If fat is where the flavor is, and if everyone's a sucker for flavor, buffalo chicken couldn't lose.

A Taste of Grace: A Columbus congregation shares favorite recipes

Posted 3/5/2014 in Food

It's no secret that some of the best cooking in any town can often be found in its houses of worship. Good fellowship and food are a natural pairing.

Lighter take on a classic heavy eggplant Parmesan

Posted 3/5/2014 in Food

I've always been a big fan of eggplant Parmesan. There are a bunch of ways to make this classic Italian dish, but I'm partial to what you might call the full-fat version: thick slices of breaded eggplant that are sauteed, then baked until creamy, and finally topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese.

King cake: An area cook gives Mardi Gras the 'royal' treatment

Posted 2/26/2014 in Food

Growing up in Texas, Marina Loper's family made many a king cake, but it's not what you think. Those pastries had nothing to do with Mardi Gras; they were cakes the Hispanic community topped with dried fruits and served at Twelfth Night, commemorating the wise men -- the kings -- arriving to honor the baby Jesus.

Making Mardi Gras taste a little more like home

Posted 2/26/2014 in Food

The sad fact of the matter is, most of us won't make it to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. But that's no reason to forsake some of the city's classic cuisine.


Not your typical junk food

Posted 2/26/2014 in Food

Candy bars. Chips. Fast food. Some junk foods are easy to identify, but other seemingly healthy foods may not be so healthy after all.


Smoked fish lends big flavor to a light soup

Posted 2/26/2014 in Food

With St. Patrick's Day nearly upon us, our minds often turn to corned beef and cabbage.

Healthy duck? For Mardi Gras, we make it possible

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food

With Mardi Gras looming, I thought it might be fun to cook up some New Orleans-styled goodies featuring duck, andouille sausage and Creole seasoning. These rich ingredients are typical of the fare from this town that knows how to party -- an instinct that goes into overdrive during Mardi Gras.


U.S. olive oil pushing government to test imported oils

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food



Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food

They call it the holy grail of ready-to-eat meals for soldiers -- a pizza that can stay on the shelf for up to three years and still remain good to eat.


An intense, yet effortless garlic sauce pasta

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food

The goal was simple -- the most intense garlic pasta I could muster.

Teriyaki chicken wraps for an easy Oscar party

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food

Whether you'll be hosting a crowd or watching solo, Oscar night calls for dinner with a bit of panache.

No need for a party to have shrimp cocktail

Posted 2/19/2014 in Food

My favorite thing about fancy parties? They almost always include a shrimp cocktail appetizer -- platters of giant, plump shrimp just waiting to be dunked into a piquant cocktail sauce.

Be my (savory) Valentine: Move over chocolate -- there's more than one way to celebrate

Posted 2/12/2014 in Food

Cupid's holiday is all about sweethearts, but that doesn't mean the whole focus has to be exclusively "sweet." Luscious Valentine chocolates have their place, but we can show we care by taking a walk on the savory side, too. OK, so maybe hard-boiled eggs aren't necessarily "savory," but you get the idea.

For true love, layer passion fruit and chocolate

Posted 2/12/2014 in Food

Passion fruit, chocolate and Champagne. Could there be three ingredients better suited for a holiday built around love?

Slow cooker chicken that delivers ease and flavor

Posted 2/12/2014 in Food

The trouble with slow cookers is that while they certainly deliver on ease, they sometimes disappoint on flavor. It's the risk you run when you dump a bunch of ingredients in a pot and walk away for much of the day.


NJ festival lets you eat, drink, floss with bacon

Posted 2/12/2014 in Food

Get ready for bacon like you've never eaten, drunk or worn it before. Bacon milkshakes. Chocolate-covered bacon shaped like roses. Bacon-flavored toothpaste, dental floss and lip balm. Bacon bourbon, margaritas, beer and vodka. Bacon ice cream sundaes. A BLT sandwich with a full pound of bacon.


A taste of India: Indian cuisine broadens Columbus community's palate

Posted 2/5/2014 in Food

It's our good luck the wide, wonderful world of food has so many fascinating cuisines to explore. Columbus just got one more. With the official opening of its first Indian menu restaurant Feb. 1, the city moved closer to truly having something for every palate.


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