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Calls for qualified and ethical candidates


BINGO! We have a winner. Mary Pollitz's article in the July 21, 2019 issue of The Commercial Dispatch entitled "The one-term, 'busy' council" tells us just about everything we need to know about seeking "The Good Society," as Walter Lippman called it.


Our City Council in Columbus from 1969-73 was composed of six local businessmen, none of whom sought a second term on the council. But during those four years, the council accomplished a very great deal for the city and its residents. Why, you might ask. Because the council members were highly qualified and dedicated, and had only one goal - to improve and govern in a financially sound and constructive way. The council members made $131 a month "regardless of how many meetings we had." Nowadays, most candidates run for the money, for a job, and as a step to the next government office, and perform no constructive and financially sound services for the citizens.



Candidates are not selected and elected based upon necessary qualifications - integrity and competence. Some officeholders are just looking for a paying job. As a result, they do the things ordered by their benefactors. The political bosses are very active, make no mistake, they choose their own people, their Charlie McCarthys, and thereby pull the strings. An officeholder is not required to read or write, he is required to listen and do what he is told.


Unless we elect qualified and ethical candidates, we are doomed. I don't care whether an office seeker is black or white, female or male, homosexual or heterosexual, as long as he or she is honest, courageous and capable. If we continue to throw up our hands and say there is nothing we can do, our system of government cannot continue as originally conceived. "Moving further out" won't solve any important problems, it will only delay the inevitability of defeat, unless you have no children, grandchildren or family to care about.


Sadly, activists are for the most part power seekers, egotists and extremists; ordinary regular people care a little bit but not nearly enough to take part and work on the problems. To hell with new gyms, stadiums and football facilities, particularly when the funds to pay for them are not available. Work to build bridges over ignorance and indifference. Work to make things better at prices we can afford. Deficit spending depletes and burdens all humanity. The proper leaders would know that.


Ben C. Toledano






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