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New Orleans Mayor: Half-mile wide tornado damaged 940 homes

Posted 2/9/2017 in National

Dwight Powell lost his Lexus to the massive tornado that injured 33 people and destroyed or seriously damaged 940 properties on a half-mile wide rampage through two miles of east New Orleans.



New book spurs call for fresh probe of Emmett Till lynching

Posted 2/9/2017 in National

The horrific 1955 Mississippi slaying of Emmett Till, which helped trigger the modern civil rights movement, should be re-investigated now that a key witness is quoted as saying she lied about what the black teen said and did before he was lynched, Till's relatives say.



Trump travel ban in hands of federal appeals court

Posted 2/8/2017 in National

A federal appeals court will decide whether to reinstate President Donald Trump's travel ban after a contentious hearing in which the judges hammered away at the administration's motivations for the ban, but also directed pointed questions to an attorney for two states trying to overturn it.



Twitter broadens its campaign against hate and abuse

Posted 2/8/2017 in National

Twitter announced Tuesday that it is expanding efforts to protect its users from abuse and harassment, the latest milestone in a broader, growing corporate campaign to crack down on online hate.



Anti-Trump protests complicate the start of presidency

Posted 2/7/2017 in National

Scrappy as ever, Donald Trump on Monday dismissed polls showing low approval ratings as "fake news."



Trump says media 'doesn't want to report' extremist attacks

Posted 2/7/2017 in National

President Donald Trump on Monday accused the media of deliberately minimizing coverage of the threat posed by the Islamic State group, saying news outlets "have their reasons" for not reporting what he described as a "genocide" underway at the hands of the group.



Trump's church politics idea has wide reach, beyond GOP base

Posted 2/7/2017 in National

Republican President Donald Trump's pledge to scrap limits on church political activity could have sweeping effects that extend beyond his conservative supporters to more liberal congregations, including the black evangelical church that has long been a key component of the Democratic Party's electoral machinery.



Military services detail plans for $30 billion budget boost

Posted 2/7/2017 in National

Buoyed by President Donald Trump's pledge to rebuild the U.S. armed forces, senior Pentagon officials have delivered to Congress plans for increasing the defense budget by more than $30 billion to acquire new jet fighters, armored vehicles, improved training and more.



Palestinians ask world to punish Israel for settlement law

Posted 2/7/2017 in National

A Palestinian Cabinet minister on Tuesday called on the international community to punish Israel for a contentious new law, just hours after the Israeli parliament adopted the bill to retroactively legalize thousands of West Bank settlement homes built unlawfully on private Palestinian land.



Vice President: Gorsuch will join Supreme Court 'one way or the other'

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

Vice President Mike Pence pledged Saturday that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will join the nation's highest court "one way or the other."



Executive order on voter fraud quietly stalled

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's heated rush to launch what he said would be a "major investigation" into voter fraud has cooled, leaving White House staff uncertain when it will come to pass or what shape it will take.



US suspends enforcement of travel ban; Trump bashes judge

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

The government on Saturday suspended enforcement of President Donald Trump's refugee and immigration ban and scurried to appeal a judge's order, plunging the new administration into a crisis that has challenged Trump's authority -- and ability to fulfill campaign promises.



Super Bowl advertisers tread carefully in divisive climate

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

Super Bowl advertisers are treading carefully this year to avoid alienating customers as a divisive political climate takes some of the buzz away from what is usually the biggest spectacle on TV.



Hello? People swamp Congress with phone calls in era of Trump

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

President Donald Trump has promised to shake up Washington, but so far he's produced gridlock -- at least with the phone lines on Capitol Hill.



Republicans mull 'repairing' Obamacare law it vowed to repeal

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

Republicans are increasingly talking about repairing President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, a softer tone that comes as their march to fulfill a keystone campaign promise encounters disunity, drooping momentum and uneasy voters.



Trump hits Iran with new sanctions for missile test

Posted 2/4/2017 in National

The Trump administration ordered sanctions against more than two dozen people and companies from the Persian Gulf to China Friday in retaliation for Iran's recent ballistic missile test, increasing pressure on Tehran without directly undercutting a landmark nuclear deal with the country.



Rule on guns and mentally ill people faces a GOP rollback

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

In a sign of the new climate taking hold on gun issues under a Trump administration with a Republican-led Congress, a rule to keep guns out of the hands of certain mentally disabled people is on its way to being scrapped.



European populists seek 'Trump boost' for anti-Islam stances

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

In Donald Trump, Europe's populist leaders think they have found a champion. For now.



Trump moves toward tougher line on Israeli settlements

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

President Donald Trump is warning Israel that constructing new settlements "may not be helpful" to Middle East peace efforts, shifting toward a tougher line with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.



Trump pledges to end political limits on churches

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

Declaring that religious freedom is "under threat," President Donald Trump vowed Thursday to repeal a rarely enforced IRS rule that says pastors who endorse candidates from the pulpit risk losing their tax-exempt status.



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