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Southern Gardening: Mindset turns garden work into enjoyment

Posted 5/27/2017 in Columns

In early April, my wife and I had the honor of being part of the 2017 Garden Clubs of Mississippi Spring Pilgrimage, as our little urban farm was one of the tour's stops.


Southern Gardening: Annual flowering vinca shine in warm weather

Posted 5/20/2017 in Columns

Now that our gardens and landscapes are heating up, it is the perfect time to plant annual flowering vinca.


Being Beautiful: With all due respect to cats and hamsters, dogs rule at my house

Posted 5/20/2017 in Columns

Ah, Sophia ... I remember the days leading up to when she would be ours.


Playing in the dirt: A May to-do guide for area gardeners

Posted 5/13/2017 in Columns

Beep, beep! What's that?


Being Beautiful: Musings on bridges built with love by women forged of steel

Posted 5/13/2017 in Columns

My mind is saturated with unforgettable mothers, I suppose because Mother's Day marks our calendars once again.


Southern Gardening: Plant Asclepias for Monarch butterflies

Posted 5/13/2017 in Columns

It's all the rage to plant butterfly gardens in our home landscapes.

Southern Gardening: Don't make volcanoes when applying landscape mulch

Posted 5/6/2017 in Columns

Driving around town this weekend, I enjoyed all the work fellow gardeners have been doing in their yards.


Being Beautiful: Sometimes hope is all we have

Posted 5/6/2017 in Columns

This is a story of hope.



Being Beautiful: Memories, like flowers, bloom brightly in all seasons

Posted 4/29/2017 in Columns

What is it about flowers that we love so much?


Southern Gardening: Marigolds supply lasting color, help for tomatoes

Posted 4/29/2017 in Columns

After being laid up for the last few weeks recovering from a knee replacement, I've really enjoyed finally getting out and picking up some heat-loving summer annual color.

Southern Gardening: Landscape plan helps guide spring shopping

Posted 4/22/2017 in Columns

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and early summer is visit my local garden centers.


Being Beautiful: Revision, reunion and the joy of second chances

Posted 4/22/2017 in Columns

My favorite prefix is "re."


Southern Gardening: Superbells Supertunias offer summer beauty

Posted 4/15/2017 in Columns

One thing I dig about the summer season is the selection of annual color available for the garden and landscape.


Being Beautiful: Far across the distance and spaces between us

Posted 4/15/2017 in Columns

I grew up with brothers, three of them, not a single girl child in our house when we were children.


Playing in the dirt: April tips for home gardeners

Posted 4/8/2017 in Columns

Well, March roared in and tiptoed out. At least it was less breezy at the end than the beginning.

Southern Gardening: Some bugs also like to play in the garden

Posted 4/8/2017 in Columns

I don't claim to be an entomologist, but I do find the insects and spiders we see in our gardens to be engaging.


Being Beautiful: From Air Supply to ZZ Top, Ricky Schroeder to John Stamos

Posted 4/8/2017 in Columns

Some of the things I did as a youngster make me laugh now.


Southern Gardening: Supertunias make excellent landscape, container choices

Posted 4/1/2017 in Columns

Now is the time to start planting annual color for summer.


Being Beautiful: Food for the body and food for the soul

Posted 4/1/2017 in Columns

Why are we so nostalgic?



Being Beautiful: What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Posted 3/26/2017 in Columns

Imagine with me, if you can, saving up your spare coins for a long time, heading off to an anniversary or birthday dinner at The Brown Derby, one of old Hollywood's most celebrated restaurants.



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