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A Stone's Throw: Non-progressive progress

Posted 10/15/2016 in Columns

Not all change is progress.



Being Beautiful: Candy corn and bubble gum served with memories just as sweet

Posted 10/15/2016 in Columns

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat."


Southern Gardening: Ancient papyrus performs in Mississippi gardens

Posted 10/15/2016 in Columns

At the 43rd annual Ornamental Field Day at the South Mississippi Branch Experiment Station in Poplarville, one plant that drew a lot of attention was the exotic-looking King Tut papyrus.


Being Beautiful: Rewriting the pages of history

Posted 10/8/2016 in Columns


Southern Gardening: Plant Matrix pansies now for winter color

Posted 10/8/2016 in Columns

When I woke up Saturday morning, the cool air felt like getting a visit from an old friend.


A Stone's Throw: A touch of kindness

Posted 10/1/2016 in Columns

Having reached my present age, I have spent much of my allotted time in hospitals, even working in the laboratory of one for several years.


Southern Gardening: Shop now for colorful fall-blooming mums

Posted 10/1/2016 in Columns

I always enjoy the shift from summer to fall, but determining when the seasons actually change can be a bit confusing.


Being Beautiful: Having your cake and eating it, too

Posted 10/1/2016 in Columns

Last week I dug way down into an oversized cardboard box marked "fall decor from Mississippi," pulling out glittered pumpkins, ghords and fall leaves clinging to grapevine garlands almost as tightly as I cling to the memories of time gone by.



Being Beautiful: The art of finding me

Posted 9/24/2016 in Columns

I was that shy, awkward little boy in elementary school who lived for turning ordinary pinecones into colorful turkeys with just the help of Elmer's glue, construction paper and glitter.



A Stone's Throw: 'Shared' honeymoons

Posted 9/17/2016 in Columns

Whoever said, "Old age is not for sissies" really knew whereof he spoke.


Southern Gardening: Plant problems require good detective work

Posted 9/17/2016 in Columns

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent gardener. This is South Mississippi. My name is Bachman. I'm an Extension horticulture specialist.


Being Beautiful: Send in the clowns

Posted 9/17/2016 in Columns

Some people are terrified of clowns, but they have never scared me much, well, except for a moment or two in childhood. Mama was determined I would not be afraid of them.


Southern Gardening: Beautyberry fruit adds beauty to landscapes

Posted 9/10/2016 in Columns

Now that we're finally into September, I think many of our landscape plants are rejoicing in anticipation of the (hopefully) coming milder temperatures as much as I am.


Being Beautiful: Sowing seeds and seeds of love

Posted 9/10/2016 in Columns

The gardens of my childhood spill over in my mind, growing still today thick with old-fashioned roses and their delicate pink petals decorating the sides of Mawmaw Bell's little red brick house on the hillside where I played.


Southern Gardening: Pruning helps trees, shrubs heal from weather damage

Posted 9/3/2016 in Columns

The current tropical systems swirling around are causing more homeowners to wonder about how to deal with weather-related damage in the landscape.


Being Beautiful: Candy corn and autumn memories in 90-degree weather

Posted 9/3/2016 in Columns

Mama made candied apples and cupcakes all afternoon, and as I licked the frosting from the beaters, I thought surely Heaven must smell just like her kitchen.



A Stone's Throw: A tale of two retailers

Posted 9/3/2016 in Columns

I do not pretend to know much about the retail business.



Being Beautiful: There are no mistakes, just happy accidents

Posted 8/27/2016 in Columns

If you had told me even a few months ago that I would be in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I probably would have rolled my eyes at you while sipping iced tea from my front porch.


Southern Gardening: Tropical-looking plants give late summer show

Posted 8/27/2016 in Columns

I make a point every week to walk around our plant trial beds at the Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi to see how everything is growing.


Being Beautiful: Elvis only had blue suede shoes

Posted 8/20/2016 in Columns

The first one I acquired from a dusty corner of a flea market in the French Quarter of New Orleans for only a few dollars.



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