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Sees a double standard


While I don't condone the rioting and violence in DC. Where was the outrage from the left, when there was looting, burning and destruction this summer? I agree President Trump's address to those on the Mall didn't help the situation. This is the first "Trump" rally where a large number of black helmet, knee and elbow clad people were there. This is the dress of ANTIFA and BLM protesters. The real question is, why did the mayor of DC and the Capitol Police not have more personnel on duty? I'm not a conspiracy theorist but something doesn't pass the smell test. I thought the National Guard had been called out. The pictures shown on the media, the Guard were unarmed and were wearing black vests for crowd control.


The mayor of DC let the rioters burn down a church close to the capital in 2020, but then that was God's house. This week it was the people's house that got everyone's attention. Oh, there will be committee after committee called to get to the bottom of this. Shame the same priority doesn't apply to the corruption of many of the politicians in DC. But the people keep electing them, you can put lipstick on them, but you still have a corrupt politician.



No matter what President Trump does or says, the left would not be satisfied. Now that the left has power, let's see how things are going to be. Higher taxes, open borders, appeasement of China, 1st and 2nd amendments in jeopardy, freedom of religion threatened and the "Green New Deal." Need I go on? These are only a few things the Biden administration will bring. But it is what it is now, I just pray it will not be as bad as has been predicted.


God Bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar






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