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Being Beautiful: Healthy food choices yield beautiful results

Posted 1/4/2015 in Columns

I struggle with eating the right foods, and any nutritionist would consider me a challenge.



Being Beautiful: Be your own firecracker

Posted 12/27/2014 in Columns

When I was a little boy, nothing was more thrilling than following my big brother around with a crumpled brown paper bag of holiday firecrackers.



A Stone's Throw: Christmas fantasies

Posted 12/20/2014 in Columns

Probably no other time of the year lends itself to fantasies as Christmas.



Being Beautiful: Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse -- or Shih-Tzu

Posted 12/20/2014 in Columns

Who among us could not use a little fairy dust this season?


Southern Gardening: Cassia provides blooms as temperatures drop

Posted 12/20/2014 in Columns

Some folks think winter can be boring in the garden and landscape.

Southern Gardening: Naturally occurring mulch can be pretty and useful

Posted 12/13/2014 in Columns

In December, many gardeners look forward to taking a little time off from working in the landscape, but cool weather is a good time to apply a layer of mulch.


Being Beautiful: Turning a few heads for the holidays

Posted 12/13/2014 in Columns

Don't forget to put some fa-la-la-la-la into your wintry wardrobe.



Being Beautiful: Celebrating silver bells and silver belles

Posted 12/6/2014 in Columns

Silver tinsel has always held a special place in my heart.


Southern Gardening: Cool Wave pansies bring cheer to winter gardens

Posted 12/6/2014 in Columns

I don't keep it a secret that I think pansies are the perfect plants for cool-season annual beds.


Grandmothers are just granddaughters all grown up

Posted 11/29/2014 in Columns

Mama had a way about her, and she had a captive audience with her little boy in the front row of the Mary Lou Show. Maybe it wasn't at Radio City Music Hall, and she couldn't do a high kick like the famed Rockettes, but it was all pretty spectacular to me.


Southern Gardening: Snapdragons meet winter challenges

Posted 11/22/2014 in Columns

The snapdragon is a longtime favorite flower of mine for the cool-season landscape.


A Stone's Throw: Giving thanks

Posted 11/22/2014 in Columns

Thanksgiving approaches. We have had an official national day of thanksgiving ever since Abraham Lincoln's administration.



Being Beautiful: Three holiday wishes from your fairy godfather

Posted 11/22/2014 in Columns

Disney princesses give us all something to aspire to with their beautiful hair.



Being Beautiful: Giving thanks, all year long

Posted 11/15/2014 in Columns

The beautiful things that make me pause for a few moments to give thanks, not just on Thanksgiving Day, but most every day, almost always begin and end with women.


Southern Gardening: Random garden questions keep gardening interesting

Posted 11/15/2014 in Columns

Through the year, I get quite a few questions concerning landscape issues, plant care and plant identification.


A Stone's Throw: See ya later, alligator

Posted 11/8/2014 in Columns

What is it about some perfectly nice people that gives them an affinity for alligators?


Southern Gardening: Ornamental cabbage, kale give winter color

Posted 11/8/2014 in Columns

Last weekend, the thermometer in my garden got down to the low 30s and left me wondering if I've seen the last of my tomatoes and peppers.

Southern Gardening: Top plants earn the 2015 Mississippi Medallions

Posted 11/1/2014 in Columns

Many Southerners (in general) and Mississippians (in particular) base their new plant selections on the annual recommendations from the Mississippi Medallion Selection Committee.


Being Beautiful: Paint your puckers bold for fall

Posted 11/1/2014 in Columns

One of my favorite toys as a child was my Crayola Caddy.



Being Beautiful: Channel your inner diva this holiday season

Posted 10/25/2014 in Columns

Everyone loves to sparkle; well, almost everyone.



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