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Leonard Pitts: Have you ever seen the moon?

Posted 4/11/2018 in National Columns

Have you ever seen the moon? You will likely answer that you have, many times.



Froma Harrop: Trump didn't lie to farmers

Posted 4/10/2018 in National Columns

Farmers keep asking why Donald Trump is hurting them on trade when they helped elect him. The better question is: Why did they help elect him?



Patrick Buchanan: Has the war party hooked Trump?

Posted 4/10/2018 in National Columns

With his Sunday tweet that Bashar Assad, "Animal Assad," ordered a gas attack on Syrian civilians, and Vladimir Putin was morally complicit in the atrocity, President Donald Trump just painted himself and us into a corner.



Bernard Goldberg: Donald and Stormy in the United States of Entertainment

Posted 4/9/2018 in National Columns

If there was any doubt that we live in the United States of Entertainment just check out the "60 Minutes" ratings for its Stormy Daniels interview.



Steve Chapman: Trump, the Anti-Business President

Posted 4/7/2018 in National Columns

White House economist Peter Navarro, whose boss claimed credit when the stock market was rising, now thinks it should be ignored.



Leonard Pitts: What killed Martin Luther King?

Posted 4/7/2018 in National Columns

MEMPHIS -- Martin Luther King's men had a different question.



Larry Elder: If Laura Ingraham goes down for 'bullying,' you're next!

Posted 4/7/2018 in National Columns

What did Fox News' Laura Ingraham say that cost her advertisers?



Froma Harrop: Boycott Ingraham's advertisers? What about all of Fox News?

Posted 4/4/2018 in National Columns

For Laura Ingraham, the decline came well before the fall.



Mona Charen: This is what you call a conservative budget?

Posted 4/3/2018 in National Columns

Donald Trump woke up on Friday, March 23, and realized that a deficit-ballooning $1.3 trillion "omnibus" spending bill was awaiting his signature.


Where's the common sense in 'common sense' gun laws?

Posted 4/2/2018 in National Columns

Americans, many quite young, attended anti-gun violence rallies across the country. Many protesters demanded more federal "common-sense" gun control laws. But the push for common-sense gun laws lacks common sense, or at least perspective.


Other Editors: Put a muzzle on name-calling

Posted 4/2/2018 in National Columns

For decades in Mississippi, almost every serious candidate running for statewide office has campaigned as a conservative. It didn't matter what their party label, they all claimed to be "conservative," and the contest was over who could out-conservative the other.



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