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Leonard Pitts: An accused child molester for U.S. Senate? Really?

Posted about 1 hour ago in National Columns

So maybe we should just cancel Thanksgiving this year?



Patrick Buchanan: Less serious, less united

Posted yesterday in National Columns

How stands John Winthrop's "city upon a hill" this Thanksgiving?



Other editors: New museums to illuminate state's culture, history

Posted 11/18/2017 in National Columns

Mississippi's diversity is one of the things that truly makes the state like none other across the country.



Patrick Buchanan: Is America up for a second cold war?

Posted 11/18/2017 in National Columns

After the 19th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party in October, one may discern Premier Xi Jinping's vision of the emerging New World Order.


Steve Chapman: No, Roy Moore, God won't solve our problems

Posted 11/18/2017 in National Columns

Roy Moore's die-hard supporters have shown a vast capacity to accept his denials as a procession of women accuse him of sexual assault, fondling a 14-year-old and creeping out girls in malls. His evangelical followers are ready to believe him on that matter because they agree when he says that to be saved, we Americans must "turn from our wicked ways" and "come back to God."


Connie Schultz: Our country turns to you, Alabama

Posted 11/16/2017 in National Columns

Like so many women in recent days, I've discovered a renewed interest in who and what I was at age 14.



Froma Harrop: Go ahead, Republicans. Investigate Hillary. Again.

Posted 11/16/2017 in National Columns

Whenever the legal walls start closing in on Donald Trump, the president releases a bad rabbit on the political field, a creature invisible to all but the haters of Hillary Clinton.



Leonard Pitts: As if you're not worried enough ... enter Brett Talley

Posted 11/15/2017 in National Columns

You are not worried enough.



Bernard Goldberg: How cable news fuels polarization

Posted 11/14/2017 in National Columns

During a TV interview years ago, I said, tongue-only-slightly-in-cheek, that Roger Ailes, the visionary who created and ran Fox News, should send thank-you notes and flowers to the presidents of ABC, NBC and CBS news networks for delivering so many of their viewers to Fox.



Froma Harrop: Oil has a price. Wildlife? Priceless.

Posted 11/14/2017 in National Columns

The Bible tells how Esau sold his birthright for a "mess of pottage."



Froma Harrop: Not saving Is the American way

Posted 11/13/2017 in National Columns

Smart people living in harm's way of hurricanes know to fortify their homes before the storm hits. In a similar vein, the prudent will shore up their financial position before the next recession bears down -- and one surely will. We're all in harm's way of an economic downturn.



Leonard Pitts: Trumpism wounded, but not dead

Posted 11/12/2017 in National Columns

And there's more where that came from.



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