Voice of the people: Jiben Roy

February 22, 2021 9:46:06 AM



Despite dire headlines, reader sees cause for optimism


Half a million lives no more over a year.


As a result, the U.S. life expectancy drops a year.



Dozens of lives are gone in the Arctic cold wave and millions still suffering.


The Dispatch gave us the news of a trainer jet crash from our air force base. Immediately I called our neighbor CAFB instructor pilot. As a group leader my young friend didn't fly that jet but has to handle and take care of the situation at CAFB.


However, the light still shines. A United Airlines flight with 241 people narrowly escaped and survived after a mayday call. NASA's 'Perseverance' landed safely on the red planet and started sending pictures.


Looks like vaccination and face masking is working. Daily cases and deaths gradually downwards in curve. Glad to see a new term, "Fauci-ing."


At MUW, we have just successfully completed a virtual science bowl competition. I believe our new generation of scientists will usher a new pandemic-free world with much safer science and technology.


Jiben Roy