Voice of the people: Berry Hinds

July 28, 2020 10:27:22 AM



Disappointed with mask use


The Dispatch has been doing good coverage on COVID in the Golden Triangle region, and I find the stories and pictures enlightening. The latest picture of two food servers shows that the establishment has 50 percent compliance of the Columbus ordinance regarding face masks full coverage requirements. When I encounter this while shopping for groceries or prepared food I inquire of the one not covered properly and generally they are of the younger people and the response is I can't breathe with full face coverage or the mask is hot.


Sometimes they respond the mask is not required because customers are not in the business or they are behind a shield. They do not consider that a cough or sneeze mist would travel to any food product they are preparing or any product they touch during transactions with a customer



I am certainly disappointed by the Lowndes Board of Supervisors kicking their responsibility to the Governor. I believe the most Lowndes Citizens prefer masks be worn in businesses or when around others even outdoors. We can see the effect nationally when businesses were opened by those that think they will not get the virus or will survive. The infection rate increase across the country skyrocketed because common sense was not used based on what is known about COVID.


Berry Hinds