Sounds of Summer preview: Staying in Style

June 12, 2019 10:26:01 AM

Mary Pollitz - [email protected]


There was never any doubt for Amy Moore that she would live her life singing on stage.


In 2016, Amy and her husband Robert Moore started the band Style, fulfilling her passion she's had since she was a little girl.


"Music has been a part of my life ever since I was young," Moore said. "I think I was actually singing before I was talking. I never wanted to do anything else. I never had a passion for anything else like I did music. Combining my two passions of serving people and singing, I feel like we are finally living in the center of God's will for our lives."



The band Style will kick off this year's Sounds of Summer concert series with a two-hour set list at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Columbus Riverwalk. Sounds of Summer is held by Columbus Main Street and will have free concerts each Thursday until July 25. Main Street Director Barbara Bigelow said with Thursday's weather and Style preforming, everyone is in for a good time.


"The weather is going to be beautiful. That always draws people out," Bigelow said. "People enjoy getting outdoors in the summer time. It's going to be great weather for a concert. I've seen (Style) several times. They are so much fun. They really put on a good show for everyone and they like a lot of participation from the crowd."


Though Style usually performs for wedding and corporate venues, this is the third-straight year the band will perform at Sounds of Summer.


Amy, Lowndes County native and lead singer of Style, and Robert, guitar player and vocals, both live in Columbus where they orchestrate the band's business and act as their own booking agents. Music has proven to be both their passion and life's work, they said.


Amy said she couldn't take credit for her dream coming to fruition. For her, she's following God and letting Him lead the way.


"It's pretty common to say you better have a back up plan (with music)," Amy said. "A lot of people go into it and fail. I also believe that when the Lord is involved, you don't need a back up plan. He is the one leading your way. You don't need anything behind you when you're following Him. The reason we are successful is because we have found His will."


Longtime friend and Style drummer Bill Wilkins has been with the band since the beginning. He first started playing drums when he was 5 and hasn't laid his sticks down yet. Wilkins works full-time in Meridian with Sysco, and coming out to Columbus for Sounds of Summer is one of his favorite events of the year.


"I always thought it was cool how everyone comes out with family and kids," Wilkins said. "You see all ages there. I think it's a great community event. We have several festivals in Meridian, but it's not on the scale that the Columbus event is. It's a great community event for everyone that comes out."


Amy added since Style's inception the demand for live entertainment has grown, leading former bass player Mike Yates to create another band within the Style business: Stylish. Starting last November, Patrick Cognitore has taken over as Style's bass player. Originally from New York, he said he's excited about taking the stage in a small town.


"It's about sharing the experience with the people at the event," Cognitore said. "People are there to have a good time. We are playing this music and they are enjoying it. It's kind of like this reciprocal experience. I like sharing that with the crowd. It's real special."


Anyone attending Thursday night's event can expect to hear songs they know and love. The band will highlight hit songs from different genres, giving spectators something to sing along to with music ranging from classics, top 40 hits, country, rock and rap.


For Amy and Robert, playing in front of their hometown community is one of their favorite events of the year.


"That's why I was put here on earth," Robert said. "That's how the Lord made me. He made me to play music and glorify His name through music. I always love to see familiar faces in a hometown atmosphere. You look out there, your mom-in-law, brother-in-law and church family are all out there. It's a fun event and it's a great atmosphere down by the river. It's a lot of fun for the whole community."