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Our View: NAACP's letter takes wrong approach

Posted 7/9/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: We're not giving passes to elected officials

Posted 7/8/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our view: Wearing masks is the least we can do

Posted 7/3/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

A couple of months ago, there was hope the COVID-19 pandemic would stall out during the heat of summer. That hasn't happened.



Our View: One final act of service for Harry Sanders

Posted 7/1/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday was the day many in our community held their breath. It was the day many of us hoped Lowndes County Board of Supervisors President Harry Sanders would perform one more act of service for the community.



Our View: State health officer's warning should be signal to re-double efforts

Posted 6/25/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

On Tuesday, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the state's health officer told Jackson Free Press he is "anticipating an absolute disaster" in the fall, when a second surge of COVID-19 arrives.



Our View: Black history is our history

Posted 6/24/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

If you were to somehow be able to spread Mississippi's history out on a table, the first thing you would notice is a gaping hole in it. It would not be inaccurate to describe it as a black hole.



Our View: These remain our neighbors

Posted 6/20/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Hosemann has likely killed flag change legislation

Posted 6/18/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: A monument isn't the only thing that should be removed from the courthouse

Posted 6/16/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

If the weight of the argument to move the monument wasn't already sufficient, the comments made by Sanders after the meeting should settle the matter once and for all.



Our View: Public deserves to know where lawmakers stand on issues

Posted 6/12/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: After the marches...

Posted 6/9/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Weekend event provides opportunities to stand together against racial injustice

Posted 6/5/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Now is the perfect time for sincere, symbolic action

Posted 6/4/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Public and press prevail in pursuit of LTC names

Posted 6/3/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Local leaders rise to the challenge

Posted 6/2/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Broadband expansion is more crucial than ever

Posted 5/28/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Area cities, counties show commendable leadership during pandemic

Posted 5/27/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Prison appointee is not who Mississippi needs

Posted 5/22/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: State health dept. should release names of LTCs

Posted 5/19/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Our View: Society's response to virus will be studied for years

Posted 5/15/2020 in Dispatch Editorials

If it can be assumed that someday there will be a cure or an effective treatment for the COVID-19 virus, the discussion of the pandemic will fade from public discourse and be left largely to historians and scientists to analyze and assess.



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