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Other Editors: A primer on censorship

Posted yesterday in National Columns



Froma Harrop: Republicans are getting stripped of money

Posted yesterday in National Columns

With much of corporate America vowing to withhold donations to Republican insurrectionists, party leaders have a choice to make. The Trump cult or the money? The money or the Trump cult?



Patrick J. Buchanan: Exploiting the Capitol riot to sink Trump

Posted 1/13/2021 in National Columns

Donald Trump has stumbled and fallen, and the establishment is not going to let slip this last opportunity to stomp him and his movement to death.



Wyatt Emmerich: Attack on Capitol fueled by internet conspiracy theories

Posted 1/12/2021 in National Columns

Hopes for a much calmer 2021 compared to 2020 were quickly dampened by the horrific attack on our nation's U.S. Capitol Building.



Froma Harrop: Media have every right to cancel Trump

Posted 1/12/2021 in National Columns

So, President Donald Trump has been booted off Twitter, as of now forever. Facebook also gave him the heave-ho. Apple and Google, meanwhile, have tossed the riot-friendly Parler app out of their stores.



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