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Leonard Pitts: There's ample blame to go around in teen's COVID-19 death

Posted yesterday in National Columns

A few words on the death of Carsyn Leigh Davis.



Patrick Buchanan: The new 'systemic racism' that is coming

Posted yesterday in National Columns

Before our Black Lives Matter moment, one had not thought of the NBC networks as shot through with "systemic racism."



Other Editors: Election change might not be enough

Posted 7/10/2020 in National Columns

Mississippi voters are going to have an interesting ballot to consider come this November. In addition to weighing in on the presidential race, they will have three major state referendums to consider.



Froma Harrop: Virus or economy is a futile choice

Posted 7/10/2020 in National Columns

Florida, Arizona, Texas and California are among the states that thought they could reopen early. They also got sloppy with requirements for wearing masks and social distancing. Now their ICUs are stretched to breaking with coronavirus patients.



Armstrong Williams: Who can the American people trust?

Posted 7/9/2020 in National Columns

It certainly doesn't seem like we can put faith in the media or political parties, and, unfortunately, a growing number of Americans say that they no longer trust each other either. In a world that is as divided and self-righteous as ours is currently, this should come as no surprise.



Mona Charen: So much for Trump's love of the military

Posted 7/8/2020 in National Columns

Christopher Slutman, 43, had always wanted to be a firefighter. He was that kind of kid, the kind who wants to save people. He was also a Marine Reserves Staff Sergeant who had served in Iraq. Last year, he was assigned to duty in Afghanistan.



Patrick J. Buchanan: A culture war battle Trump can win

Posted 7/8/2020 in National Columns

Speaking at Mount Rushmore on Friday, and from the White House lawn on Saturday, July 4, Donald Trump recast the presidential race.



Other Editors: Habitual offender bill should be passed

Posted 7/6/2020 in National Columns

The Mississippi Legislature should pass House Bill 1024, which applies a 15-year time limit on offenses that can be considered under our state habitual offender laws.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: You can support your country or Trump, but not both

Posted 7/6/2020 in National Columns

It comes down to a binary choice. Either he is a monster or an ignoramus. Either Donald Trump did nothing when informed that American intelligence believed Russia was paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American military personnel in Afghanistan, or he had no clue, didn't even know it was going on.



Brett Kittredge: It will soon be easier for military spouses to work in Mississippi

Posted 7/2/2020 in National Columns

Rather quietly, the state legislature unanimously passed a bill this year that will break down barriers to work for military families in Mississippi.


Patrick Buchanan: Biden's basement strategy: Just say nothing

Posted 6/30/2020 in National Columns

Some polls now have Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points and sweeping the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.


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