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Marc Dion: Values by the pound

Posted earlier today in National Columns



Leonard Pitts: If we can't be free within ourselves, then we cannot be free

Posted yesterday in National Columns



Mona Charen: Elizabeth Warren is not honest

Posted 10/18/2019 in National Columns

If you want to run for office, political consultants will hammer away at one point: Tell stories.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Why, when we see black people, do we so often see what isn't there?

Posted 10/17/2019 in National Columns

The beam from his flashlight reflects off the glass, so we can't see what he saw. But in a sense, we don't need to see what Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean saw to know what he saw, peering through that window. He saw something fearsome, a threat to life and limb. All this in the person of Atatiana Jefferson, a 28-year-old black woman, who was actually doing nothing more sinister than playing video games in her bedroom with her 8-year-old nephew.



Marc Dion: A noggin of despair

Posted 10/16/2019 in National Columns

An Irish immigrant friend of mine once told me that, in the Ireland of his youth, the word "noggin" was, as he put it "the most elastic word in the language."



Other Editors: Orange County (California) Register

Posted 10/16/2019 in National Columns

For too long, the power of the executive branch has long exceeded the narrow set of powers and expectations set out by the U.S. Constitution.



Froma Harrop: Sanders still sees Democrats as the problem

Posted 10/15/2019 in National Columns

On a recent "Saturday Night Live," Bernie Sanders (played by Larry David) exclaimed, "l'm so excited to be back and to ruin things a second time." The audience emitted a nervous laugh.



Other Editors: Homeless aid efforts need continued support

Posted 10/15/2019 in National Columns

Building on its mission to serve the homeless population in Northeast Mississippi, the Salvation Army's efforts over the past several years come to fruition today with the completion of a new shelter and reopening of the community center and soup kitchen.



Other Editors: Secrecy leads to Ole Miss fiasco

Posted 10/14/2019 in National Columns

Ford Dye, the Mississippi College Board member who chaired the search for a chancellor at the University of Mississippi, said last week that the board rushed to name Glenn Boyce as its choice so Boyce could get to work quickly "to unify the Ole Miss family."



Mona Charen: Trump thinks he's above the law

Posted 10/14/2019 in National Columns

Donald Trump is testing whether he can claim immunity from the rule of law. That's the plain meaning of the announcement that his administration will not cooperate in any way with the House impeachment inquiry.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: It can happen here

Posted 10/13/2019 in National Columns

I was maybe 10 years old when this happened. Mom is driving, I'm in the back seat. It's night. She's trying to cross Vermont, a busy L.A. thoroughfare, from a side street. Southbound traffic is jammed, but a guy in a truck makes a hole and waves us through. We've almost cleared the intersection when a car, speeding northbound, clips us. We go spinning up over a low brick wall onto somebody's lawn. My head smacks the window hard enough to crack it. And I remember thinking -- I may have even screamed it -- "This can't happen to us!"



Wyatt Emmerich: Erosion of the nuclear family affects education

Posted 10/11/2019 in National Columns

One of the great pleasures of being in the news business is getting to know some of the great leaders in the community. Jackson's Leland Speed is right up there on my list.



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