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Armstrong Williams: Hypocrisy

Posted earlier today in National Columns

One of the things that people across the board find pathetic, misleading and downright disgusting is hypocrisy.



Mona Charen: It's not about principles

Posted 9/26/2020 in National Columns



Brett Kittredge: The ability to work from home is more important than ever

Posted 9/25/2020 in National Columns

Closed businesses. Record unemployment. We have all seen the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, government may be exacerbating that devastation with ordinances which haven't kept up with technology by restricting your ability to run a business from your home.



Patrick J. Buchanan: All the chips are on the table now

Posted 9/25/2020 in National Columns

"As everyone knows, I made it clear that my first choice for the Supreme Court will make history as the first African American woman justice."



Other Editors: Forget what they said in 2016

Posted 9/24/2020 in National Columns



Froma Harrop: Crime, the police and reality

Posted 9/24/2020 in National Columns

Here's a policing story with a happy ending: Deputies in Deltona, Florida, recently stopped a black jogger who fit the description of a burglary suspect. The jogger, Joseph Griffin, is a former military police officer and currently a registered nurse. Griffin knew to be calm and cooperative.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Can we still be a country?

Posted 9/23/2020 in National Columns

Ultimately, it comes down to a set of rules.



Patrick J. Buchanan: Last best chance to capture Supreme Court

Posted 9/22/2020 in National Columns

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are on the cusp of making history.



Carly Goldstein and Becca Krukowski: Who will be the vaccine influencers for COVID-19?

Posted 9/21/2020 in National Columns

Now is the time to prepare for the availability of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, particularly since currently only 65 percent of Americans report they will be willing to get a FDA-approved vaccine provided at no cost.



Mona Charen: Flight 93 forever

Posted 9/21/2020 in National Columns

Danielle Pletka, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, has announced that while she never considered voting for Donald Trump in 2016, she may well do so this year. She is being driven to this extremity, she says, by the "hard left ideologues" of the Democratic Party.



Wyatt Emmerich: Wicker-sponsored bill would make social media companies more accountable

Posted 9/19/2020 in National Columns

Kudos to Mississippi U. S. Senator Roger Wicker for sponsoring a bill to amend Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996. I know most readers are scratching their heads wondering "what the heck is Section 230?" Sounds rather technical and minor.



Froma Harrop: Apocalypse parade marches on America

Posted 9/18/2020 in National Columns

Hurricane Sally has just pummeled the Florida Panhandle and the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama.


Lowndes WIC pickup site moving to Tuscaloosa Road

Posted 9/18/2020 in National Columns

The notice on the door of the Lowndes County WIC Distribution Center had some good news for Carli Hankey of New Hope.


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