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Mona Charen: What Hong Kong means

Posted yesterday in National Columns

The protests in Hong Kong are heartbreaking to witness. I recall the gloom that accompanied the handover of sovereignty ceremony in 1997. Prince Charles was there. So was Tony Blair. Only eight years had passed since the communist Chinese government had mowed down an estimated 10,000 democracy demonstrators in and around Tiananmen Square. And while China had since begun to liberalize its economy, the communist party maintained its totalitarian grip on political power, news and information, travel, family life, religion and the arts.



Leonard Pitts Jr: The 'peculiar institution' is no artifact of the dead past

Posted yesterday in National Columns

Perhaps you've heard of white fragility. The term was popularized by sociologist Robin DiAngelo in her 2018 book of the same name that seeks to explain why white people often find it so hard to discuss race, why the subject frequently makes them angry and defensive. Well, a textbook example of that fragility recently roiled social media.



Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump's great gamble

Posted yesterday in National Columns

President Donald Trump's reelection hopes hinge on two things: the state of the economy in 2020 and the identity of the Democratic nominee.



Froma Harrop: Bernie Sanders needs a shot of dignity

Posted 8/16/2019 in National Columns

I have never been a big fan of Bernie Sanders. His authoritarian tendencies and aggressive attacks on any who would disagree have outweighed the good in him.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide

Posted 8/14/2019 in National Columns

Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide. He was murdered by Hillary and/or Bill Clinton. Or he was assassinated by the Russians. Or Donald Trump killed him. Or he isn't dead at all, having been spirited into the Witness Protection Program, where he presumably now shares an island mansion with Tupac Shakur and 84-year-old Elvis Presley.



Larry Elder: After mass shootings, Trump blamed for 'increasing racism' -- But is white racism really increasing?

Posted 8/14/2019 in National Columns

Immediately following two horrific mass shootings -- one in El Paso, Texas, and another within a matter of hours in Dayton, Ohio -- the blame game started.



Other Editors: Woodstock 50 folds: There's no going back to the garden

Posted 8/14/2019 in National Columns



Froma Harrop: Boycotting Trump donors to save country

Posted 8/13/2019 in National Columns

New York real estate developer Stephen Ross was reportedly shocked by calls to boycott his businesses. The issue was the fundraiser he held last weekend for Donald Trump.



Patrick J. Buchanan: China, not Russia, the greater threat

Posted 8/13/2019 in National Columns

Ten weeks of protests, some huge, a few violent, culminated Monday with a shutdown of the Hong Kong airport. Ominously, Beijing described the violent weekend demonstrations as "deranged" acts that are "the first signs of terrorism," and vowed a merciless crackdown on the perpetrators.



Mona Charen: A cosmetic proposal on guns

Posted 8/12/2019 in National Columns

It seems necessary to begin every discussion in America today with a reminder to show a little charity.



Other Editors: Hog-killing gets a PR boost

Posted 8/8/2019 in National Columns



Mississippi Voices: Occupational licensing reform has bi-partisan support, but entrenched opposition

Posted 8/7/2019 in National Columns

The requirements to obtain an occupational license before working is a growing problem throughout the country. And Mississippi is certainly not immune to this current situation.



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