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Possumhaw: Tumbling into a fall

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

You might remember a column a couple of weeks back. Momma said when the State Fair comes the weather will turn cooler. Before the fair had ended and practically overnight, temperatures plummeted into the 40s.

Partial to Home: Perfection as a business model

Posted 10/19/2019 in Local Columns

By the time he had worked five years in a local manufacturing plant Tony Parson knew he wanted out. But there was the usual ballast of house payments, health insurance, groceries, children, more insurance. He would endure the plant for 17 more years, until 2006.

Ask Rufus: The First Trail Of Tears

Posted 10/19/2019 in Local Columns

In September 1830, President Andrew Jackson dispatched commissioners Gen. John Coffee and Secretary of War John Eaton to Mississippi to negotiate a treaty with the Choctaw Indians, whereby the Choctaws would sell their homeland and move west of the Mississippi River.

Slimantics: Reeves is running against himself -- and losing

Posted 10/15/2019 in Local Columns

A comedian once explained why grandparents are so much nicer than parents: "It's because they're old and they want to go to heaven."

Possumhaw: Two men and a ladder

Posted 10/14/2019 in Local Columns

You know, I saw a meme once depicting a man straddled across a stairway with one foot on a ladder and the other braced on the wall. The caption said, "Why women live longer than men."


Marion Whitley: All hail country music (and bless you, Ken Burns)

Posted 10/13/2019 in Local Columns

I am besotted these days with the voices of Hank Williams, Roy Acuff and dear Patsy Cline, resurrected by Ken Burns' Country Music documentary playing on Public Television for the last two weeks. What hats! When their voices were etched in my soul there were no accompanying visuals.


Ask Rufus: The Sugar Famine of 1919

Posted 10/12/2019 in Local Columns

Few people have heard of the sugar famine of 1919 and its impact on Columbus, but 100 years ago a headline in the Columbus Dispatch read, "Sugar Famine Strikes Columbus."


Brett Kittredge: Tread carefully before kicking Airbnb out of your town

Posted 10/9/2019 in Local Columns

It is generally considered a good thing if there is high demand for short-term vacation rentals in your city. And the reasons for this demand in Starkville are obvious.


Slimantics: State candidates are backed into a corner on taxes

Posted 10/8/2019 in Local Columns

One of the interesting things about watching candidates for statewide races is how they have to tiptoe around the issues that continue to face our state. From roads and bridges to education to the tenuous condition of our rural hospitals, every candidate who isn't Tate Reeves thinks we have serious problems.

Possumhaw: Do you see what I see?

Posted 10/7/2019 in Local Columns

Two weeks into fall and walking across the yard feels like walking on potato chips.

Ask Rufus: Outline of Early Columbus History

Posted 10/5/2019 in Local Columns

As we approach the upcoming bicentennial of the official recognition of the Town of Columbus on December 6, 1819, I realized that a revised timeline of early Columbus history would be in order.


Other Editors: It's time to curb the vaping epidemic

Posted 10/3/2019 in Local Columns

With the news that the Mississippi State Department of Health reported its first death associated with vaping, it's time we take a stand against a potential killer many believe to be safer than cigarettes.


Slimantics: City council stumbles out of the starting block

Posted 10/2/2019 in Local Columns

On the first day of the fiscal year, the Columbus city council put itself squarely between a rock and a hard place and will soon have to choose one bad policy over another.

Possumhaw: Old dogs, children and watermelon wine

Posted 9/30/2019 in Local Columns

It was 1992 when a friend asked me to a Tim McGraw concert at the MSU Coliseum with free tickets. I said "Yes," having no idea who Tim McGraw was. By the time we were on our way to the concert I was outfitted in cowboy boots, jeans and a plaid shirt. When Garth Brooks came in 1992 as County Music Entertainer of the Year, I was there.

Partial to Home: An afternoon on the banks of the Ohio

Posted 9/29/2019 in Local Columns

When someone, who knows you well, gives you a list of sites to visit in and around his hometown and one of them is a place called Rabbit Hash, chances are, if you have the time and any curiosity, you're going to give it a look.

Ask Rufus: Sam Houston's Columbus Visit

Posted 9/28/2019 in Local Columns

"Gen. Houston, Late President of the Republic of Texas ... arrived in this city on Saturday evening last, in the steamer Victoria, from Mobile." So began a newspaper article in the May 21, 1839, Southern Argus of Columbus.

Slimantics: Three chords and the truth: Burn's documentary is pitch perfect

Posted 9/26/2019 in Local Columns

On Wednesday evening, the final segment of Ken Burns' epic documentary "Country Music" aired on PBS. Eight years in the making, the 16-hour, eight-part series chartered the birth, growth and evolution of this distinctly American music genre from the 1920s -- when it arose as a mix of black Southern blues, immigrant folk songs and church hymns -- through 1996, with the arrival of a new wave of popular country music dominated by superstar performers and perhaps not for the better.


Marion Whitley: Robin gone awry?

Posted 9/25/2019 in Local Columns

One Spring morning, (2018?) with coffee in the living room facing the garden, there came are sounding !THRUMP! smack in the middle of the 40 X 40 inch window that opens onto a garden area. Startled, I put down my cup to investigate, expecting to see a dead or quivering bird on the ground below, but No! He'd already swooped back to the stump, gearing up for a second "attack!" And ... !THRUMP! ... there it was!


Possumhaw: Take the sting out of fall

Posted 9/23/2019 in Local Columns

It was midday and only 79 degrees; the wind was slightly blowing while clouds covered the sky. Hallelujah, a little break in the weather, though the earth was still dry and desert-like.


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