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Keystone cops: Four of Columbus’ ‘finest’ attend seminar in Vicksburg, return an embarrassment to city

Posted 5/8/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

So a few guys are riding through the military park in a police cruiser, one in the driver’s seat, one in the passenger’s seat. Another two are seated in the popped trunk.


Garthia Elena Burnett: One more something for parents to be concerned about

Posted 5/8/2009 in Local Columns

It was almost 10 o’clock last Wednesday night. I had sent my 5-year-old daughter to bed, with instructions to pick out a bedtime story.


Robbie Coblentz: The debate that didn’t happen

Posted 5/8/2009 in Local Columns

Starting mid-morning May 6, the movement began to organize a televised debate between Parker Wiseman and Matt Cox before the Democratic run-off. The idea was to hold a debate with a moderator and format that would produce unscripted answers. A candidate would be asked a question, get two minutes to answer, and then his opponent would get two minutes to answer.



Steve Mullen: Mother’s Day, Market Street and more

Posted 5/6/2009 in Local Columns

Many folks stick close to their families all their lives, so occasions such as Mother’s Day are somewhat routine. I used to feel that way.


Roses and thorns

Posted 5/3/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Roses to the citizens of Columbus who have shown up at debates to educate themselves about city candidates before they make a decision.


Thinks Burns Bottom site a bad idea

When I moved here three years ago with my husband and two sons, it took me less than an hour to realize that this was the town for me. I am a southern girl, but have never lived this “deep” in the South. Columbus was an exotic, enticing town to me. It was spring, and my first encounter in this city was exhilarating.


Birney Imes: Paul Thorn’s sermons

Posted 5/3/2009 in Local Columns

Friday evening around 6:30 Paul Thorn and his band were relaxing and eating sandwiches in the mayor’s conference room at City Hall. Thorn is an intense and muscular ball of energy who at 44 looks as though he could go a few rounds with a middleweight boxer.


Market Street: Festival offers opportunity to experience pleasures of downtown, mix with your neighbors

Posted 5/1/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

If you take a look around downtown, you’ll notice the well-preserved historic buildings, beautiful landscaping, complete with flowers placed with care.



Hateful racism

As I contemplate going to the polls Tuesday May 5th to elect the Democratic nominee for Ward 5 city councilman, the most basic backyard political office. The words Leroy Brooks spoke at the March 2009 meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee keep haunting me.



Guardian angel found

I feel I must share an incident that happened to my wife, Jo, and me as we were returning from a visit with our son in Alabama on Easter.Near Reform, Ala., on leaving 82 we were traveling on a four-lane highway hoping to get home before a predicted rain storm. Jo was driving and suddenly a car on our left passed us and in a few yards ahead of us suddenly turned across our lane causing us to broadside them. Both cars rolled down the grassy slope.



United Way keeps it local

I love how there are so many opportunities to be involved in the community, MUW and with the military of Mississippi. I especially LOVE how the United Way of Lowndes County organizes volunteers and distributes donated time and effort ~ giving back to our own community to make it even better than how we found it.



Concerns about siting sportsplex

As a resident of downtown Columbus who wants to see it thrive and as a research scientist with a PhD in civil and environmental engineering with 15 years experience in hydrology, I’d like to express my concern over the sportsplex site selection process, and make sure that some of the ramifications are considered.


Steve Mullen: Where's all the ammo?

Posted 4/29/2009 in Local Columns

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition. I always liked that phrase. Yes, the Lord should be praised. And ammunition is good too, especially if you have a gun.


The role of Lowndes County Democratic Party

In recent days misinformation has circulated regarding the role of The Lowndes County Democratic Executive Committee in the endorsement of candidates for public office, more specifically the city council races.



The changed economic landscape

As a young man, back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I wasted a lot of time playing basketball and tennis. One of my tennis buddies from West Point worked at Babcock & Wilcox, which had the reputation of paying the highest wages of any employer in Clay County.



Against Starkville board's vote

I am sure that you have either heard or read about the failure of the rezoning of the Yellowjacket Drive building project at the meeting this week of the Board of Aldermen.



Disagrees with column

Something about the editor’s column (“Rays of sunshine in the Gloom Belt,” Steve Mullen, April 22) about how depressed we are in Mississippi did not ring true. So I did my own research.


Birney Imes: Honeybees and politicians

Posted 4/26/2009 in Local Columns

It was an urban sound, a distant clanging coming from the direction of the port. But standing in the backyard on a recent morning, tea in hand watching the bees begin their day, the noise caused me to flash back to a morning seven or eight years ago in Manhattan’s Flower District.


Claudia Limbert: A thoughtful, deliberate naming process

Posted 4/26/2009 in Local Columns

As many of you know, MUW is in the process of finding a new name. The process has been thoughtful and transparent, and all the documents relating to it are on our Web site.


Garthia Elena Burnett: When the naming fracas gets personal

Posted 4/24/2009 in Local Columns

What’s in a name? For Mississippi University for Women, the more appropriate question is, ‘What’s not in a name?’: Reality.


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