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Okie dokie politics



Willie King

Posted 3/11/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



Questions accountability



Del Phillips: An innovative plan for educational improvement

Posted 3/11/2009 in Local Columns



Agrees with letter writer, columnist


Roses and thorns

Posted 3/7/2009 in Roses & Thorns


A vote for the Corps property



Defining leadership



Phone call leads to encounter with supervisor



Choosing a site for the sportsplex

Posted 3/4/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

This week the county took one more step toward what until recently has been a mirage on the distant horizon, a sportsplex.



Brooks a direct reflection of his constituency


Steve Mullen: Supervisors' 'belly bump' part of life in the Friendly City

Posted 3/4/2009 in Local Columns

Columbus is known as the Friendly City, something I pointed out last week, commenting that it was ďa pretty good nickname, as itís tough to find an unfriendly person.Ē The paper was barely on the street and the column on the Web site before a challenge landed in my e-mail inbox.


Local schools: Dare to compare


Roses and thorns 3-1-09

Posted 2/28/2009 in Roses & Thorns

City/county ad hoc sportsplex committee, Jackie Exum, Lowndes County Underage Drinking Coalition, Columbus High School Assistant Principal Jill Savely, Rosalyn Hodge and Sarah Wilson


Extraordinary customer service



Thankful for the American Dream


A school visit and an evening walk

Posted 2/28/2009 in Local Columns

Thursday evening just after 7 I happened to be walking across the parking lot behind the Methodist Church toward the back of the post office. There, as if for my benefit alone, the evening presented a momentary convergence of sights, smells and sounds ó the chatter of kids and the thump of a basketball at the church, an insistent but soothing train whistle to the south, a young woman (Rachel Smith) talking on a cell phone as she walked to her car and the faint scent of a Japanese magnolia behind the P. O. Can spring be far away?


Questions for Congressman Childers

I was never so glad to see a political campaign season end as the one that supposedly finished in Nov. Ď08, and I bet everybody in the whole country would say the same. I was very pleased to see an end to all the SPAM flooding my mail every day, werenít you? Well , itís starting up again already! We have been receiving all these flyers from Congressman Childers where he is boasting about saving the lives of 11 million children with his ďaffordableĒ health care. He says itís OK to go ahead and get sick now, and 22 million parents wonít have to lose sleep worrying about their children not having ďaffordableĒ health care anymore. In addition to the mail delivered to our home, there are ads on TV saying the same thing and asking the 33 million people to call Congressman Childers for the purpose of giving thanks. Is anybody else getting tired of this? Do you wonder too who is paying the bill for this? What Iíd really like to hear from Mr. Childers are the answers to several questions I have asked him through e-mail and through his office in Columbus. Iíve asked him why he didnít speak at the March for Life in D.C. on the 22nd of Jan and why he wasnít even there. I asked him why he hasnít co-sponsored HR25, the Fair Tax Bill, which will deliver us from the federal income tax burdens and abolish the IRS. I asked him why he hasnít fought for our 45 bypass around Columbus to be included in the 9,000 earmarks in our governmentís latest spending spree. I asked him why our state is supposed to receive only $250 million for education when there are $80 billion in the pot for that purpose. Lastly, I asked why he voted for the incredible bill at warp speed before knowing what was actually in it. Now Iím sure everyone would like to know his answers to these questions but I probably wonít be getting them any time soon. What do you think? Raymond Gross, Columbus



The concern that rises above all others

Posted 2/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

By now even the most determined optimist would agree that the economic downturn isnít going to end anytime soon. After decades of unrestrained spending, citizens, governments and businesses are scrambling to cut out waste, reduce expenses and squirrel away every spare dollar. Itís happening across the country and here in the Golden Triangle.



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