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Response to Robert White’s letter



The teaching of science



Saddened by actions of Christian church

I watched the documentary on Ted Haggard last night on HBO. 45 minutes of me crying over this man who was caught having a homosexual relationship and who used drugs. He is a man who made a whole lot of money, who did admit to the men he was accountable to his “sin.” He was ousted from leadership, and with that I have no problem. The kicker for me was he was removed from his home, his, not one the church owned, and ran out of Colorado altogether.



Curious about apathy toward sex offender

Re: your recent headline “Child porn cases not taken lightly.” Really! What about cases of actual sexual abuse on a child? Last year Gill Dishongh, a ‘prominent’ white businessman and churchgoer of the community received two years for the despicable crime. Admittedly guilty.


Roses and thorns

Posted 1/31/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Men of 4-County Electric Power Association; East Mississippi Community College; parents who volunteer at their children’s schools; John Davis and Glenn Lautzenhiser; YMCA and Leadership Lowndes.


A new name for our university

Posted 1/31/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



Combining MSMS and MSA merits careful consideration

Posted 1/29/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Amid the bleak winter of our economy, governments are right and prudent to hunker down and seek out ways to cut costs.


Adele Elliott: January

Posted 1/25/2009 in Local Columns

January has been relentless in her chilling attack. Ice crystals sparkle across my car’s windshield creating delicate marbled paths, splintering onto the hood. The plastic scraper we purchased is worthless against frost that seems to have been adhered with a magical fixative.


Remaking America

Posted 1/21/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

With his long awaited and eagerly anticipated Inaugural address, Barack Obama, our nation’s 44th president, offered hope to Americans desperate for change and new vision.


Roses & Thorns

Posted 1/17/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Charlie Box, City of West Point, the Red Cross and Starkville Police Department.

Roses & Thorns

Posted 1/11/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Robert Khayat and Uncle Bunkey

Roses & Thorns

Posted 1/4/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Main Street Columbus and the City of Columbus


Voice of the people: Rev. Bert Montgomery and Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks

We write to you today as concerned citizens and as followers of Jesus Christ.



Voice of the people: Austin Vollor



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