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Mona Charen: Mitt Romney tries to save policymaking

Posted 2/24/2021 in National Columns

It may be coincidence that the best policy idea to come out of the 117th Congress was offered by the one guy who has demonstrated the integrity to brave harassment and death threats to do what's right vis a vis former President Donald Trump.



Other Editors: Get ready for the potholes

Posted 2/24/2021 in National Columns

Once the several-inch-thick coat of ice melts from the highways and roads of Mississippi, expect another hazard to take its place: potholes.


Angela Farmer: Understanding gender bias early

Posted 2/23/2021 in Local Columns

While most every Kindergartener starts school with the same, basic curricula, it doesn't take long before the options diverge. Many of these options are based on gender.


David McRae: The state's credit score

Posted 2/23/2021 in National Columns

When I first told Mississippi that protecting our credit rating would be one of my top priorities, we had no idea what was about to happen to our economy.



Froma Harrop: How American science returned to astonish us all

Posted 2/23/2021 in National Columns

French news cameras were in California last week to capture America's spectacular drive to mass-vaccinate against COVID-19. What were the visuals? An amusement park with cars lined up, their passengers waiting for a jab.



Voice of the people: Paul Mack



Voice of the people: James Hodges



Voice of the people: Jiben Roy



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