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Froma Harrop: Finding people to fill empty spaces

Posted 6/11/2019 in National Columns

A tiny French mountain village with a long name, L'Hospitalet-pres-l'Andorre, has lost half its population over three decades. Its name in English would be "The Hospital Near Andorra." (Andorra is a small principality shoehorned between France and Spain.)



Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry



Marc Dion: Trade With Britain

Posted 6/10/2019 in National Columns

The United States of America has always traded with Britain, though sometimes it was less of a formal trade, and more of a swap.



Patrick Buchanan: Bernie & Joe: Two old white men take the lead

Posted 6/10/2019 in National Columns

In 2018, a record turnout of women, minorities and young added 40 House seats to Democratic ranks and made Nancy Pelosi speaker.


Ask Rufus: Allison's Wells, A Grand Mississippi Resort

Posted 6/8/2019 in Local Columns

On Friday I was at the Duncan Gray Episcopal Conference Center for a Gray Center board meeting. Located at Way, Mississippi, nine miles north of Canton, it is not only a beautiful setting but a historic one as well.

Possumhaw: Travel slow, travel light

Posted 6/8/2019 in Local Columns

Sitting on the front porch drinking my morning coffee, I noticed a tremendous number of pollinators.


Marion Whitley: Waiting for the Uptown M15

Posted 6/8/2019 in National Columns

At the 14th Street Crosstown bus stop... I navigated the pedestrian traffic, dodging the McDonalds crowd and the ice cream truck ... made it safe to the sheltered Uptown bench, and a vacant seat!



Our View: As Americans age, elder care deserves action now

Posted 6/7/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

America faces a crisis few of us seem to be giving much attention, even though the odds are good that most of us will someday be dramatically affected by it.



Mona Charen: Lessons of Chernobyl

Posted 6/7/2019 in National Columns

On the morning of April 28, 1986, an employee of the Forsmark nuclear power plant an hour north of Stockholm was returning from a restroom break when his shoes set off the radiation alarm.


Slimantics: The men on the beaches

Posted 6/6/2019 in Local Columns

We have seen the images, read the history and watched depictions of what happened on June 6, 1944 as dawn broke over the dark waters of the north Atlantic and the artillery smoke hung heavy over the beaches of Normandy France.


Brett Kittredge: Time to scale back Mississippi's regulatory burden

Posted 6/6/2019 in Local Columns

It would take the average person more than 13 weeks to wade through the 9.3 million words and 117,558 restrictions in Mississippi's regulatory code.



Our View: Let's show 'em who we really are

Posted 6/5/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Outside its borders, Mississippi often has an unflattering reputation, much of it earned.



Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry



Leonard Pitts: What would you give to save your world?

Posted 6/5/2019 in National Columns

Elmo Cook knew nothing about it. He'd heard the sirens in the middle of the night alerting all of Abilene that something had happened, but when he tried to turn on the radio, he found that his power was out. And when he left for work in the morning, the paperboy had not yet made his rounds.



Our View: Anniversary of 19th Amendment reminds us of the power of voting

Posted 6/4/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Today marks an important date in our history, one that is not only worthy of reflection but should also serve as a call to action. It was on this date in 1919 that Congress passed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.



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