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Voice of the people: Who will speak for everyone else?



Froma Harrop: Apocalypse parade marches on America

Posted 9/18/2020 in National Columns

Hurricane Sally has just pummeled the Florida Panhandle and the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama.


Albert Laws: Remembering the 1936 Lee High football team

Posted 9/18/2020 in Local Columns

Lee High School of Columbus was the mythical National High School Champions in football in 1936.

Lowndes WIC pickup site moving to Tuscaloosa Road

Posted 9/18/2020 in National Columns

The notice on the door of the Lowndes County WIC Distribution Center had some good news for Carli Hankey of New Hope.

Slimantics: Mississippi hurricane damage confined to hurt feelings

Posted 9/17/2020 in Local Columns

For a day or so, it looked as though Hurricane Sally would touch down on the Mississippi Coast. By Monday, the storm had already entered the gulf and seemed to pause there as if deciding which direction to take.


Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar



Other Editors: Spending haste is asking for waste

Posted 9/17/2020 in National Columns

When Congress earlier this year enacted several trillion dollars worth of COVID-19 relief funding, it wanted to be sure the money got spent quickly.



Armstrong Williams: History starts with people

Posted 9/17/2020 in National Columns

This week, I had the great honor and privilege of observing history. I was blessed to be a guest of the White House and witness the signing of the momentous peace agreement between Israel and two Arab nations: Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.



Our View: Both sides valid in county tax squabble; state should clarify

Posted 9/16/2020 in Local Columns



Voice of the people: James Hodges



Jeff Robbins: Time for congress to investigate the performance of health care executives

Posted 9/16/2020 in National Columns

After the 2008 economic collapse, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations launched a series of inquiries aimed at exposing the rot underlying the financial services industry.



Our View: A continuing recognition of unity

Posted 9/15/2020 in Dispatch Editorials



Voice of the people: Roger Wade



Voice of the people: Paul Mack



Patrick J. Buchanan: Are the forever wars really ending?

Posted 9/15/2020 in National Columns

"There is no... sound reason for the United States to continue sacrificing precious lives and treasure in a conflict not directly connected to our safety or other vital national interests." So said William Ruger about Afghanistan, our longest war.



Voice of the people: Accepting unity nominations



Voice of the people: Paul Mack



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