Voice of the people: Robert Gillis




The importance of highlighting the good around us


America is good but not perfect.


The noise of the naysayers and the volume of information with a game called blame and a laziness in chaos creates a mist in the eyes hindering what is before us. God is at work in America.



"Love where you live" coined by Andy Setiawan and The First Assembly Church is a prime example of what is right in America. The uniter of a nation is built on love. Good will is at work in America.


Just to listen at the reports coming out of Texas in the weather-related chaos is amazing. Sharing food, water, wood and even taking into the homes are a perfect example of the good in America. Good people live in America.


With humility, I join with others saying, "I'm proud to be an American."


A shout out to Jan Swoope for writing in The Dispatch what is "good in America."


First Assembly Church keep up the "good" in America.


God Bless America


Robert Gillis


Ethelsville, Alabama





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