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Another perspective on gas prices


Earlier this week, a letter-writer sarcastically thanked Joe Biden and Democrats for rising gas prices.


With less than 30 days being president, it appears it's a little early to blame the rise of the price of gasoline on Biden, if that's your intention.



At the beginning of the pandemic, Saudi Arabia flooded the market with oil, with the price going almost to nothing. Their intention, and they even said so, was to bankrupt our shale producers, which they did.


For the past six months, OPEC (10 oil producing export countries, with the Saudi's the biggest) has been holding oil off the market, which is the main reason for the price rise.


When Bush took us to war with Iraq, he stated that Iraq's oil would pay for the war. But, of course, they didn't. The same results as when Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall.


It's hard to imagine, but after all the cost in lives and money by America, Iraq's oil not only didn't pay for the war, but they are one of the countries holding their oil off the market.


Trump deployed thousands of additional U.S. troops and missile defense batteries to Saudi Arabia in response to what Pentagon officials have said is an increase threat from Iran to their oil infrastructure.


Trump, at the time, said Saudi Arabia would pay the cost of the troops being there. No one in our government has found where Saudi Arabia has paid anything.


Trump and the Crown Prince (MBS) of Saudi Arabia are real close friends.


President Biden has promised to take a hard line on Saudi Arabia, saying he would rip up the dangerous blank check that Trump had written for the Saudis, and he would make Saudi Arabia the pariah that they are.


President Biden will have a check in the mail shortly for $1,400 to help you on the high price of gas, which was no fault of his.


James Hodges






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