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Believes context matters when interpreting tweet of local doctor


In response to Mr. Jabe Nicholson's Sunday letter concerning Dr. Cameron Huxford, Mr. Nicholson states that no one who knows Dr. Huxford thinks for a moment he was supporting violence.


Dr. Huxford replied to someone else's tweet that stated the violence feels like terrorism by doubling down support of the riot.



This reminds me of some of Donald Trump's speeches.


In one, he states: What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening.


In another, he criticizes the media of broadcasting fake news and saying that people should not believe what they see or what they read.


I guess you could say it was almost four years later, Jan 6, that we realized what he meant.


On another note, I don't want to take anything away from how bad the riots were, but thought this was funny: One of the guys who was arrested for being in Pelosi's room told the arresting officer he was looking for a restroom and the door was open, so he just walked in.


For that, he has three federal counts against him. Shouldn't have any problem finding a restroom during the term of his sentence.


James Hodges






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