Voice of the people: Beth Hickel Imes




Open letter to Cindy Hyde-Smith


The following letter was sent to Cindy Hyde-Smith at hydesmith.senate.gov on January 9. Since then, I have learned (and find refreshing) that the United States Postal Service is still the best way to communicate with those who represent us. We each have a voice. And I bet you have a stamp somewhere.


Mississippi's members of Congress who voted "yes" in objection to the certification of Electoral College votes are: Representatives Michael Guest, Trent Kelly, Steven Palazzo and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.



Cindy. I hope you will take the time to read my words of outrage.


I have never voted necessarily Democratic or Republican. I did not vote for you. I am alarmed and ashamed of you. Instead of serving and representing Mississippi, MY STATE, instead of protecting the United States, MY COUNTRY, your choice, YOUR VOTE was reckless, at best.


Your duty was to count the Electoral College votes submitted by the states, NOT try to overthrow our government.


Mississippi is so much better than what you apparently have in mind and have to offer. I can suggest other opportunities for you.


Beth Hickel Imes




Editor's note: The letter-writer is mother to Dispatch publisher Peter Imes.




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