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Believes more than Section 230 amendment is needed


Sen. Wicker says he wants to amend Section 230 because social media major platforms are being biased against conservatives.


The Facebook that I glance at occasionally is 99.9 percent in favor of right wing users, with over 50 percent downright silly, but nationwide, they claim right wing users are 4 to 1 over left wing users.



Mr. Emmerich's column on the proposed amendment puts a lot of emphasis on riots that are caused by section 230, and of course most people would probably think of the ones happening now. We know what caused them.


The biggest riots, I think, are the Watts riots in Calif. over 50 years ago, when we had no social media companies.


Trump uses Twitter more than a lot and he lies a lot, and that's the reason for the bill.


Twitter fact checked him on some tweets about glorifying violence and that children are immune from COVID-19.


All the social media companies have made it clear that they will not tolerate misinformation on the global pandemic.


So Trump issues an executive order demanding they can't do that to him, but an executive order won't do it, it's has to be a "bill."


The bill that is really needed is one to hold Trump and his inner circle accountable for their many lies they keep telling the people. But, no doubt, Biden will be the author of that bill.


Sen. Wicker and Mr. Emmerich, if I'm wrong about the bill, I stand to be corrected. How about you two?


In April, the USPS was set to deliver 5 face coverings to every household in America, but was canceled by the White House for fear of creating panic. Better late than never, I suppose.


At a rally in Dayton, Ohio Monday night, Trump assured his admirers that the coronavirus isn't really that bad, noting it only kills elderly people and people with other health problems, adding it affects virtually nobody.


On January 28, Trump was warned that the virus would be the biggest national security threat in his presidency.


Bob Woodward, in yet another book coming out about Trump, says Trump has lost his way, not just as president, but as a human being trying to assess what's real and what's unreal.


James Hodges






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