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In reply to Lee Roy Lollar's skewed attempt to frame Christian persecution in this country, I must say "poppycock." Pointing out that a Christian dies does not equate with Christian persecution. That of course is what he would like you to believe in order to perpetuate his fear mongering agenda the religious right so hopes you will fall for. I see churches everywhere in this country attended by whoever chooses to go (and in some cases not welcome due to the color of their skin I might add). Also those churches enjoy tax free status. Looks like the non-Christians are supporting them also -- is that fair? He goes on to say the liberals are not raising a ruckus about this supposed issue -- because it doesn't exist!


Jerry Fortenberry






Mr. Lollar states: We have seen liberal governors and mayors outlaw the meetings of churches.


It's not because they are anti-Christ, but out of respect for saving lives, or trying to.


The combination of singing in close quarters and decreased ventilation is nothing short of a dish of bacteria.


You catching the virus in church is 16 times greater than anywhere. Why the bars opened doesn't make sense. Maybe because of less people in them than churches and money talking.


Mr. Lollar also states that an unknown politician stated, America is not a Christian nation anymore.


This takes me back to the Republican primary, of the 16 candidates running with Trump, they all reminded the people of Trump's un-Christian ways. The man, according to his niece, has no Christian principles at all. None.


And then the evangelical Christians piled on board with the other 16 who had warned them of his un-Christian ways, to elect him president.


Mark Galli, retired editor of Christianity Today magazine, states that the good Donald Trump does will be overcome by the bad he does.


We now have a president that wants people to vote twice, has made over 20,000 false or misleading statements during his presidency, with just recently told four lies in one sentence, possibly a record, still being checked out.


His ex-attorney for over 10 years, in his book that's coming out the 28th of this month, says Trump mocks Christians, calls them fools and schmucks and labels Christianity bulls**t.


Facebook during the primaries, had pictures of Trump's wife, Melania, with almost no cloth on, asking how would you like for her to be your First Lady?


And the other day, they showed her as the new Statue of Liberty. We have just about hit bottom.


Mr. Lollar references an unnamed politician who said we are not a Christian nation anymore. I can certainly see his reasoning behind it.


James Hodges






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