Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar




Who will speak for the Christians?


The Sept. 13 column by Mona Charen, "Who Will Speak For The Uighurs," made me think for a while about the plight of Christians around the world. A recent article in "Christianity Today" stated: Eight Christians are killed daily. One hundred eighty two Christian churches are attacked every day. Three hundred nine Christians are imprisoned unjustly monthly. Where is the outrage from the liberals? A certain unnamed politician stated, "America is not a Christian nation any more." We have seen liberal governors and mayors in some states outlaw the meetings of churches, while approving the rioting, looting and burning of property. If one thinks things are bad now, take the Christians out and evil will run rampant. For the scoffer out there, that time is coming. The "rapture is close." Revelation 22:20, Jesus said, "Yes, I am coming soon." To my fellow Christian, pray for each other, pray for the scoffers and pray for America.


God bless America!



Lee Roy Lollar






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