Voice of the people: James Hodges




In response to Armstrong Williams and Roger Wade's last letter


In a recent column, Armstrong Williams states the Black workers would do better under Trump.


Trump effort to roll back worker protections knock down in court.



The joint employer rule (which has to do with the fast food industry) issued by Trump's labor department this year, would make it harder for workers to sue big chains like McDonald's if they've been stiffed on the minimum wage or overtime pay. The rule was knocked down in court, and the original suit was brought by 18 Democratic Attorneys General.


They called the ruling a critical win for the many American workers who would have experienced wage theft or a decrease in income due to this reckless rule.


It would have cost workers $1 billion in lost wages per year. All workers' worst nightmare is to have Republicans in charge of the economy.


Trump has the option to appeal. You can stop that at the polling booth in November.


In response to Roger Wade having decided to withdraw from voicing his opinions via The Dispatch, he's not the only one.


It appears to me these people listen to only conservative news outlets (all others they claim are liars and at the same time, they are defending a pathological liar) who are 24/7 smearing the Democrats and news to make Trump look good.


When they write a letter, it's about what they've been hearing. And when they get responded to with a heavy dose of reality, they complain: I can't take it anymore. I've had it. I quit!


Wade states: It boggles my mind that people go to church on Sunday, singing, shouting and praises Jesus, then go vote for the party that supports (the Democratic platform) this non-sense.


Mary Trump, Trump's niece, said the exact same thing, that it boggles her mind that the evangelical Christians voted overwhelmingly for Trump, and he has no Christian principles.


Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney for over 10 years, in his book coming out Tuesday, states that Trump mocks Christians, calls them fools and schmucks.


Cohen says Trump labels Christianity bulls**t and is consumed by a lust for wealth.


I know, Cohen lies, but not more than Trump.


James Hodges






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