Voice of the people: James Hodges




Response to cartoon 7/24/20, showing Trump saying I'd never burn the flag.


Coming from a pathological liar, don't bet on it.


It seems when Trump puts some one down, it comes back to haunt him. Or when he touches something, it dies.



The cartoon reminds me of the time he called Haiti and the African nations 'shithole countries', but maybe we won't be that bad.


During the presidential primary, Mexico will pay for the wall. That died.


The farmers can buy bigger tractors and more land after claiming art of the deal with China, in buying record amounts of agriculture products.


Not even negotiating with China now. Trump has turned farming into socialism. Has bailed them out 4 times and will have to again.


China, as of now, is buying most of their soybeans from Argentina. The art of the deal died again.


Economists warn: US cannot carry on for long with 32 million unemployed.


Trump: We will not be betrayed again after Supreme Court hands him losses on abortion and LGBTQ protection.


As America tops 4 million covid cases, after Trump said it would be down near 0, the cult of Donald Trump has become a death cult.


8 in 10 Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. No art of the deal here.


With almost four years to MAGA, he has failed. Instead of a uniter, he is a divider or destroyer. The majority of people want him out of office.


Wall of vets and moms form to protect Portland protestors amid federal crackdown.


Donald Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from the Obama-Biden administration, but like everything else he inherited, it looks like he will squander it too.


Guiliana, Trump's personal lawyer, says Biden is a pathological liar and a big crook. Propaganda like this will be what Biden will replace in this administration with truth and honesty, what America deserves to thrive.


Our religious leaders and Republicans must realize they cannot defend a pathological liar like Trump by telling the truth.


James Hodges






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