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A criticism of Trump, 350 years in the making


I have not trusted Donald Trump, President, since the day he announced for office. He descended a golden escalator in Trump Tower to the cheers of a $50-a-head claque, an obvious parallel (and intentionally a caricature) of our image of the Second Coming, of Jesus descending from heaven in clouds of glory. I smelled a con then, and the odor lingers still. Over the years distrust became disgust.


What I want to do now is have one more eloquent than I speak for me. Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector of England in the 1650s. Condensed and slightly edited, this is his speech of April 1653 dismissing the Rump Parliament (the whole thing is online).



As you read, imagine Cromwell is speaking to Trump. He doesn't address Trump's racism and xenophobia, otherwise he speaks for many of us and he pretty well sums things up:


"it is high time to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.


Is there a single virtue now remaining in you? Is there one vice you do not possess?


Ye have no more religion than my horse. Gold is your God. Have you the least care for the Commonwealth?


Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, and have yourself become the greatest grievance.


Go, get you out! Make haste!


In the name of God, go!"


William Hairston


Lamar County, Alabama




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