Voice of the people: Concerned church staff member




Church employee feels doors are being opened too soon


People will get sick and some possibly die because of churches reopening or regathering in Columbus on June 7, no matter what church leaders tell you. It is too early to open churches when the COVID numbers are now growing faster than ever in Mississippi and Lowndes County. Instead of waiting for safer times, church leaders are pushing open the doors and telling people that disinfectant and prayer will protect them.


Why is church going to be dangerous? Here are the five reasons that some church leaders have discussed in private but can't say to members:



1. Singing forces people to breathe openly and with force to spread their exhaled water vapors into the air.


2. Sitting in the same room even it is large and breathing the same air that has been exhaled for over an hour just repeats the process. Church air conditioner systems were built to be quiet and not built to recycle air.


3. No matter how much they are told, members will greet one another, hug, shake hands and be close to one another. That is what we do in the south.


4. Children will not understand distancing from their friends and will expose each other.


5. Members will "show strength" by not wearing masks and trusting God.


Other church leaders are selfishly opening their doors for one reason: church members are tired of being away. Not because it is safer. Not because the virus is under control. The largest church in Columbus said two weeks ago it would not open until after Father's Day. After the pastor got push-back from his members, he is now reopening June 7. He gave in to the pressure like other churches in Columbus. There is no safe way to open a church right now. Your church leaders won't protect you so you must do it yourself.


Concerned church staff member



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