Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry




Responds to Lee Roy Lollar


Well once again Lee Roy Lollar tries to justify his skewed beliefs by accusing political ideals as the culprit. No, liberalism is not why you were asked to social distance. It's called protecting the public from a deadly virus. I might add that the staunchly conservative Republican Governor of Mississippi is the one who implemented the order! I really don't know where you get these ideas (Fox News?) but just because they tell you it's true doesn't mean it is. There is a reason Canada considers Fox News entertainment news only. In addition, I don't know what you were talking about with the comment about public officials being outed for tax evasion. To my knowledge each case is made public and reported on equally. Let's also discuss the multi-million dollar fraud case where former Mississippi Department of Human Services Director John Davis, former wrestler Brett DiBiase and four others have been indicted and arrested! Did you miss that Roy Lollar?


Jerry Fortenberry







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