Voice of the people: Angela Jones




An open letter on behalf of a son


Editor's note: The following was originally posted on Facebook by Angela Jones and is reprinted here with her permission.


Dear Police, thank you for your service.



Dear anyone who may feel intimidated or threatened:


If you ever have an encounter with my son, do not let his size, his build, deep voice or color threaten you. He's only 14 years old and recently made honor roll. He is a member of the International Junior Thespian Society; he made the track team; has won numerous science fairs and serves on our Dream Team at Vibrant Church. He's a good child who has a sweet spot for babies, the elderly and dogs. He knows how to cook and how to work with his hands. He helps his dad with many projects.


He respects authority. He has been taught how to conduct himself when dealing with authorities and to not make any sudden movements. He likes to be heard and will probably try to explain what's going on, but please don't take those words as a reason to end his life. Please let my son breathe! Please let my son live! Of course he isn't perfect, but he is a good child with a bright future. His name is Kyle Alexander, Jones and he's my only son! The son I prayed for!


Angela Jones






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