Voice of the People: James Hodges




In response to recent letters sent by Lee Roy Lollar and Jiben Roy.


Mr. Lollar seems to be in doubt of the accuracy of reported number of deaths from the coronavirus. To me, this is what we really should be concerned about, because Trump is our president.


On Wednesday, Feb. 26, in front of a packed White House briefing room, Trump told the country there were only 15 cases of coronavirus in the US, and in a couple of days, it is going to be down to nearly zero.



Today, in the US, there are over 1.5 million cases from the coronavirus and 90,000 deaths, plus or minus a few miscounts.



Mr. Roy: We will die anyway


Mr. Roy states: I am not so much worried that the elderly is the only target. Moreover, we've had our time and I do not see any regrets.


The elderly are far from being the only target. And besides, who in your family would you like to sacrifice?


James Hodge






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