Voice of the people: Andre Roberts




Appreciates county administrator


When I read that the county administrator was being forced out of his position this didn't sit right within me at all. I remember when he was appointed over a decade ago and given a substantial raise to start. I thought that amount was high but after meeting Mr. Ralph in person I knew his salary was right. I first met the county administrator, Mr. Ralph, when I was working for the road department over a decade ago. We needed fans for our District 3 Road Department, and I was informed that he was over the budget, and I had to go through him to get them. Personal circumstances allowed me to find out that he was very intelligent and fair. He made decisions based on truth and not on anything else. I attended board meetings regularly when my scheduled allowed it. I would hear Mr. Brooks speak of what a bright spot he was for our county. I personally witnessed Mr. Ralph make concrete decisions and operate in his position. I thought what an exceptional asset Mr. Ralph was. I put off asking him was he mentoring a replacement for when he retired or resigned or some other life event occurred. I know that our county will run whether he's the administrator of not, but like me I know that all of you want the best individual possible and I'm not saying Mr. Ralph is perfect but he has proven that he is extraordinary in his work. God bless our county and city leaders for what they passionately do each day on behalf of all of us.


Andre Roberts







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