Voice of the people: Paul Mack




Criticizes President's response during crisis


This morning our President is hard at work. He's already sarcastically attacked Senator Romney and applauded a judge's decision about Michael Avenati. That's what I call leadership under duress. That I am saying this about any president in the midst of a pandemic is mind-boggling.


And yesterday the 69-year-old Lt. Governor of Texas said he is willing to die if that's what it takes to re-normalize the U.S. economy. Well, good for him, but that's a false choice.



The view from the Oval Office? Don't worry, folks, we're already getting past this thing. We're going to come roaring back and be out on Main St. by the bright, beautiful, sunny Easter Trump sees ahead. All we have to do is sacrifice the seniors.


Um, I'm not sure that's the only - or best - way out of this.


We all need to realize that this President does not share our reality - not from the bubble he's in. Heck, he's safe. If he needs a test, he gets it. Good luck to you and me. And New York City, the city who's politics many hate but they sure love to visit.


Unfortunately for us, the real world does not conform to the world the President wants. He wants to go back in time 3 weeks to the campaign he envisioned then and to the world in which he can get re-elected. So, we will. So what if we lose a few seniors? And too bad for New York or California. They're blue states, anyway.


Mr. President, since your past behavior indicates you may just be that politically crass, I have news for you. Florida and Louisiana are the next hot spots, states where a lot of older voters will die under your 'plan' - most of whom would probably vote for you. Get out your calculator. See if you can still win in the Electoral College without Florida.


Fellow citizens, we will eventually find out that Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci see how the next few months will play out much better than the president. Sadly, the President seems more than ready to muzzle them and roll the dice, roll the bones.


Too bad the bones are yours and mine.


Paul Mack






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