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A proposal on firearms and transplants


I saw where Mr. Bill Gilmore, a transplant from Michigan, thinks we need to ban handguns and use only shotguns and rifles for protection. Apparently Mr. Gilmore leans a lot to the left like most of his northern counterparts. I don't know how long he has been in the south or why he is even here, but we in the south love our guns for hunting and personal protection. I own a business and I conceal carry all the time as I have to carry the days deposits. Would he feel more comfortable if he saw me walking down the street sporting a shotgun or an AR15? I dare say he would not.


What he should be more concerned about is his George Soros backed liberal D.A. Scott Colom whom I think takes great pleasure in not convicting criminals and also supports mass releases of convicts. Just look at any court docket and you will see a lot of pretrial diversions and house arrest which do nothing to stop most criminals from re-offending. Look at the history of most of them and you will see it. He also should be concerned at the questionable activities that are happening in our city government. Does he think our city officials are on the up and up?



Firearms are a large part of our culture in the south and will continue to be so.


Mr. Gilmore must be a part of the liberal society that erroneously think that by forcing a buyback will cause criminals to turn in their firearms. It never has worked and never will. It is the same utopia where some people will have to work to support those that refuse to work while they both receive the same compensation. Some people call it socialism, I call it mental madness.


Lewis Grizzard said it best on his advice to Yankees: come on down, marry our women, eat our food, but don't tell us how they did it in Michigan. If you don't agree with the way we do it, Delta's ready when you are.


Kerry Blalock






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