Letter: Thank you, responders




To the Paramedics, Volunteer Fighters, Sheriff''s Dept. and Hwy. Patrol, 


We want to say "Thank You" for your quick response to a wreck in front of our house Saturday morning 9-18-10 (on Nashville Ferry Rd. & Hwy 795). 


My husband was the first on scene and I called 911, but the true heroes are the above-mentioned. 


We aren''t trained to deal with what you did, and it was truly amazing and we are very grateful you got here as quick as you did. 


It is true also, we had many people stop, and we appreciate them too, but at a time like this, when you don''t have the training or know what to do, these people were truly gratefully appreciated. 


Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Turk 





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