A need for more compassion




I read with interest the comments made by District Attorney Forrest Allgood regarding the testimony given by Jim Kitchens at the sentencing hearing of Quintez Hodges. I know nothing about the case of Quintez Hodges. According to what I have read in the paper, Quintez Hodges is most likely a dangerous man, and he deserves punishment for his crimes. 


Mr. Allgood states in his comments that Jim Kitchens testified falsely but did not lie. I understand the difference between giving false testimony (if one truly believes what he is saying is true) and lying under oath.  


Mr. Allgood goes on to say we are all human and we make mistakes. One wonders what might have happened if I had "testified falsely" causing a problem for Mr. Allgood. Would it have been O.K.? I think not. I do not think for one minute Mr. Allgood would have leaped to my defense. I am just a common man.  


I have learned over my lifetime of almost 70 years, that we "common people" almost always are not given the help that is given others in higher positions when something goes wrong in the legal system. Like Mr. Allgood, there are a lot of things I "can''t explain." 


I remember well when I truly needed help and I asked to see Mr. Allgood for a few minutes. He curtly told me, "I''ll give you one minute of my time." I remember telling him I would come back later. I never did. I never will. 


Also, I remember well the time I needed to ask a question of Judge Kitchens while in an informal hearing in his courtroom. He completely ignored me. I never got to speak with him. 


If Mr. Allgood wants to say this is a "letter of malice," that is fine. If he wants to say my comments are beside the point, that is also fine. I no longer care. I am now a tired old veteran who has seen many injustices handed down by Mr. Allgood and Judge Kitchens.  


I wish Jim Kitchens no harm. I only hope he will have more compassion for others who are "human." This goes double for Mr. Allgood. 


Ronald M. Bailey, Caledonia 




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