Our View: Roses and thorns 1-5-20




A rose to our Golden Triangle legislators who will convene in Jackson Tuesday as the Mississippi Legislature opens session. The group is made up of senators Angela Turner-Ford and Chuck Younger and representatives Gary Chism (now the dean of our delegation beginning his sixth term), Kabir Karriem, newcomer Dana McLean, Rob Roberson and Cheikh Taylor. A few months removed from the elections that now send them to Jackson, we encourage them to remember the promises made on the campaign trail and to respect the interest of their voters through careful deliberation of the bills presented. A willingness to work across the aisle both in terms of party and chamber is much needed in Jackson. Finally, we hope they make themselves accessible to the folks back home.



A rose to Joe Moorhead, who was fired as head football coach at Mississippi State after what was broadly considered two years of under-performance on the field and lack of discipline by players off it. Moorhead's perceived deficiencies are well-chronicled elsewhere, but we reserve this space to thank him for his genuine efforts in guiding the MSU football program. Whatever else may be said of the man, no one will argue that Moorhead was not an honorable man, a hard worker and someone who had the best interests of his players and the program at heart. For whatever reason, Moorhead and MSU was not a "good fit," but long after the particulars are forgotten, Moorhead will be remembered as a class act. We wish him every success.




A rose to James Hull, the new owner of Leigh Mall as he develops plans for the property. Hull's company, Hull Property Group, purchased the mall at auction in October, and while nothing has been set in stone, it appears Hull favors retaining the mall concept. Beyond that, Hull has offered no detailed plans, preferring instead to perform the due diligence needed to make the project a success. We are particularly encouraged that part of that due diligence includes consulting with city government and the Golden Triangle Development LINK. This suggests Hull is open to outside ideas and understands the value of partnering with the community. Hull hopes to have a preliminary plan in place by February, so we are eager to see what he has in mind. Hull's success will ultimately be our success. For better or worse, since it's opening in 1973, Leigh Mall has been an essential part of the city's retail identity, We believe brighter days are on the horizon. We welcome the opportunity to join Hull in making that a reality.



A rose of encouragement for all who have set goals for the new year. We know that many new year's resolutions end almost as soon as they begin. Often, those goals are the hardest to achieve, so it's no surprise that some goals are not met, or are not met as planned. But we believe the idea alone -- the recognition that there is the potential for self-improvement -- is of great value. We encourage you to keep working toward that goal to remember that a setback isn't a failure unless you allow it to be. If you fall, get back on your feet a try again. All important journeys encounter obstacles, temporary failures, setbacks. So don't lose hope. The goals you have set are still within your reach.




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