Roses and thorns: 12-29-19




A rose to Mississippi State for its innovative partnership to make sure its newest housing development is energy-efficient, saving millions in utility fees while reducing its impact on the climate. MSU partnered with Greystar and Blue Sky Power on a combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) project to provide hot water, natural gas and electricity to College View, the university's mixed use (residential and retail) facility. The project reduces MSU's carbon emissions by 750 metric tons per year and saves $116,000 per year that the university would have paid to Starkville Utilities otherwise. Over 25 years, the estimated life of the project, the university will save $2.9 million and 18,750 metric tons of carbon emissions. We believe College View will be a model for future developments both big and small. We applaud MSU for its leadership in this area.



A rose to Lisa McReynolds and all those citizens who joined an informal group known as "Almost Like Home" to provide meals to Starkville and Oktibbeha County first responders and hospital personnel on Christmas Day. Now in it's eighth year, "Almost Like Home" has grown to 300 volunteers who either provide, deliver or serve food to fire stations, police departments and the hospital. It has become the community's way of thanking these public servants for the important work they do by providing a Christmas meal with all the trimming. We would love to see this Starkville tradition spread to other cities. Bearing in mind that the whole thing started with one Starkville citizen (McReynolds) providing food at one Starkville fire station, it serves to show what one person can put into motion.




A rose to all those who will be out "ringing in the new year" on Tuesday evening, and a reminder to do so responsibly. For many, their New Year's celebration involves alcohol. Champagne toasts are a part of the tradition. So, too, are shooting off fireworks. In each case, moderation and good judgment area must. We won't recite the statistics of alcohol-related injuries and deaths or injuries suffered through reckless use of fireworks. By now, you should know the dangers. So, let's be careful out there. "Ring Responsibly," to borrow a phrase from Mississippi State athletics. Happy New Years do not begin with tragic events.



A rose to Mississippi University for Women for selecting current W professor Amber Handy to fill the role of associate vice president for faculty enrichment and research. Handy will lead the university community in teaching, research and scholarship while fostering a campus-wide culture of lifelong learning and professional development. She will oversee faculty orientation, the promotion and tenure process, assist with traditional research and the research of scholarship of teaching and learning. As the associate vice president for faculty enrichment and research, Handy will report directly to the provost and vice president for academic affairs. The new title and responsibilities reaffirms The W's commitment to the growth and development of W instructors. The better trained those instructors, the higher the quality of education they will provide their students. We wish Handy success is this important new role.





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