Voice of the people: Pat Fisher Douglas




To tell the truth


The truth will make you free. All liars will have their day in the lake of fire.


Why should one lie get a position anywhere: church, pentagon, presidency or city council?



Tell the truth: If you live in a shack, don't say you live in a two-story mansion.


If you live in the county, why use your teeth and tongue to say you live in the city.


Liar, liar, pants on fire.


If you are separated from the one you made vows with before God and man, why put on a mask in church (holy ground), Facebook or Twitter when God never sleeps nor slumbers. You will burn if you don't repent.


We open out eyes to sunlight. Why not open our eyes to sin? All unrighteousness is sin.


Integrity or lack thereof has become the nrom for our once Friendly City.


We don't need to put more people in office with no character or righteous indignation.


Vote for truth or no vote.


Pat Fisher Douglas





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