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Fiber to the home internet


A salute goes out to Tallahatchie Valley EPA, Tombigbee EPA, Prentiss County EPA, and Alcorn EPA. These Northeast Mississippi Electrical Cooperatives have taken the initiative to bring Fiber to the Home internet to their member-owners. In my opinion Fiber to the Home is one of the most important issues of our time, rivaling the electrification of rural America in the 1930s. Education, healthcare, agriculture, realty, and other businesses will benefit from the advanced features and speed of fiber-based broadband. Senior citizens and other patients will benefit from telehealth by connecting rural healthcare providers with doctors and specialists in more urban locations. Through distance learning, educational opportunities will present themselves as students will be able to connect to educational hubs at schools and remotely take classes with teachers and professors teaching online and interacting directly with students.


On the realty front, home values will increase, and homeowner prospects will be more likely to consider the area for relocation. Work from home professionals and entrepreneurs have a chance to live where they want and conduct business online. Home entertainment options continue to grow in the broadband-based market with streaming becoming the normal rather than the exception.



The possibilities are endless with a fiber-based broadband network, which is the gold standard of internet delivery. The very future of our children, grandchildren and beyond will depend upon the decision that is made by the Monroe County Electric Power Association Board of Directors in the coming days concerning the adoption of a broadband-based internet service for our member-owned Cooperative. I call on the Board to immediately adopt a resolution to move forward with the installation of a broadband network within the service area of the Cooperative.


Gerald Weathers






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