Roses and thorns: 8-11-19




A rose to the players, organizers, volunteers and staff members who have made the U.S. Women's Amateur Golf Tournament at West Point's Old Waverly Golf Club a success. Amateur players from all over the country have brought their A-game to the first national-stage golf tournament hosted at the course in 20 years (the last being the U.S. Women's Open in 1999). Not just the golf club, but the Golden Triangle at large, enjoyed the exposure boon from the widely broadcast event.



A rose of memorial to Columbus Ward 1 Councilman Gene Taylor who passed away on Monday. The senior member of the council, Taylor, 65, served for 13 years, looking to make each of his votes count toward improving the city he called home. Beyond that, Taylor was an active church member, a man who prioritized community service. He also built relationships of mutual respect with citizens and other public servants, alike.




A rose to the openness and civility of the annexation debate in Starkville. Mayor Lynn Spruill broke the 3-3 aldermen tie vote in favor of a plan that would bring 27.9 square miles and 878 citizens into the city limits. Whether you agree with the outcome, the process, over several public hearings, truly gave every voice an opportunity to be heard and pressed aldermen, both in favor and opposed, to clearly and publicly explain their positions. That process is critical to good government.



A rose to Columbus Municipal School District and Columbus Light and Water for their continued good-faith efforts to make internet more accessible to CMSD students at home. The Lowndes Community Foundation's education committee identified this among its recommendations, and so often, identifying a problem is where such processes stop. But now with cost estimates and logistics settled, CMSD and CLW continue to bring the plan closer to fruition. Once initiated, the program will allow students to access their school accounts (with the same user rules as if they are on campus) at their homes free of charge. This could unlock a world of possibilities and learning resources for students who currently don't have that access off campus.




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