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It is time to vote again and the stakes could not be higher. Who you vote for could not be more important than it is right now. The city and the county are facing big tax increases. Most of this is from excessive spending, primarily on construction. The county school system followed the Dr. Del Phillips program of new buildings equals a better education. A million dollar field house will not get you a better football player either. Education will not improve, and now they are laying off teachers. Do they think the new buildings will teach the children? Maybe they need to take common sense classes.


The city of Columbus has wasted a lot of money on buildings and taking special care of our project manager.



Two of our candidates have been at the heart of this wasteful spending. One charged $600,000 to do the bonds for the county schools, which is ironically almost the exact amount you will pay for the increase in taxes. The other candidate has done a lot of legal work our project manager, Mr. Edwards, J5 and his other corporations.


In my opinion it is time for a fresh face in the legislature. One that is in it for all the people, not just "his associates." One that will not make arrogant statements like, "If you like me or not, you are stuck with me". One that wants to take a fresh look at education and teachers. My vote will be for Dana McLean.


For county attorney I will vote for the man I think will do the best job. A man with no J5 ties, my vote will be for Mr. Wallace.


Above all, get out and vote, have a voice and make it heard. A lot of people in politics are in it for themselves. We need people that are public servants, not those that think we taxpayers are the servants. We need people that will operate efficiently and effectively and serve with honor. Please think long and hard, then vote.


Kerry Blalock







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