Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar




Concerned about city's future


I read with great interest Mr. Blaylock's article concerning some of our elected officials and public servants and their tax problems. I must say, we should be concerned with the forementioned officials. These individuals are paid by the taxes that they are not paying. What is wrong with this information?? That should be a wake up call as to why our city is in the shape it is in. Spending monies we do not have to get a fire rating that will only affect my insurance premium by a few dollars, is not money well spent. I agree with Mr. Blaylock that a tax increase is around the corner. If we can't staff our police department, repair streets properly, maintain our drainage ditches and address the large infrastructure problems, with the current tax monies we have, taxes have got to increase. I think we should really think about our future when election time comes. But you can't sit on your hands and depend on your neighbor to do it. Everyone needs to be concerned about our fair city's future. I'm concerned, are you?


God Bless America and Columbus.



Lee Roy Lollar







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